Only Doing This For A Free 24 Hours School Year 69 Story

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English Short Story (First Draft)
The rumble of his alarm clock seemed distant in Jakes mind as he slowly raised his eyelids, they were heavy like lead weights, he was still tired from the night before. As he brushed his long, blond, curly hair to side he saw the small red alarm clock beside his bed and heard the repeated monotonous buzz it was a low drone. As he slowly began to come to he turned the small red alarm clock off and rolled out of bed. His body stung he felt numb as he walked over to his wardrobe the cool morning air kissed his skin. It was the first day of the school term and he just wanted to be back in the warm cosy bed where he had spent the mornings of the previous July school holidays.
He dreaded the day ahead his best friend from kindergarten Eddy had moved schools at the end of last term. Throughout the nine years of school they had spent together they always had each others backs. Seen as outcasts by their peers were always there for each other. His uniform was neatly placed in his wardrobe and he got changed then stumbled down the stairs and packed his lunch then headed out the door for the bus stop. Jake thought it was cold inside but when he stepped into the fresh air outside he almost froze. The walk to the bus stop felt twice as long as usual with the fear of his first day of school without Eddy in his life and the cool air made the few exposed areas of skin numb.
He had to sprint the last hundred metres for his bus which left him out of breath which was unusual for him with his athletic build and experience in athletics. The bus ride was short and he arrived at school not long afterwards the sky was overcast and the grey clouds reflected the gloomy mood he was in himself. As he walked through the gates he felt a burdon lift, he thought that whatever happened today happened today was going to happen and there was no point worrying. On his way to the locker room he was shoved to the ground by Madman Mike the school bully. He reached his arm out to break his fall and he turned around to see Mike laughing with his friends. Jake climbed to his feet and trudged off to his locker it wasn’t till her arrived he realised he had a deep gash on his elbow with blood pouring out it was a deep red almost purple like wine it was smooth but the gash beared excruciating pain. As he cleaned his wound a metallic sparkle caught his eye a small glimmer in a sea of read the more blood he cleared the larger the sparkle grew. Until he uncovered a series of wires intertwined deep below his flesh, where his bones should have been but there were no bones just wires. Jake went to the office and sat patiently for his parents...

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