Operation Paperclip:The Nazis Didn’t Lose… They Moved To America Holy Names Chs Essay

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The Nazis Didn’t Lose… They Moved To America
“Nazis in America” - surely that could have been a great newspaper headline in the early 1940’s or an interesting title for a best selling non-fiction book...Ever wonder if this far fetched idea could be true?
Most people are familiar with how the Nazi party came to power on the shoulders on fascist ideas. Adolf Hitler wooed the German people with ideas and dreams of a powerful Germany that could rise out of the ashes of World War I. He managed to manipulate the German people into blaming the Jews for all of Germany’s problems, initiated the second World War, invaded and dismayed countless European nations, and finally was the mastermind to rid the world of 6 million Jews. But, does the tale of the Nazi’s end there? As I and many people remember from countless history accounts and textbooks, the Allies invaded Germany from both sides, defeated them, liberated the Jews from concentration camps, and finally placed Nazis criminals in prison for war crimes.
The US and the Soviet Union invaded Germany from both sides (east and west). This eventually led to the Cold War, a war between the two superpowers over different ideologies about economics and government (Capitalism vs. Communism). The President of the United
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States at the time, Harry S. Truman and the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) wanted the US to get a lead against the Soviets, in the event of a possible war with them. A plan was devised to seize German scientists, with no affiliation to the Nazi Party. However, this wasn’t the case. Instead, they allowed and brought in high ranking Schutzstaffel (SS) scientists from Germany to the US. The CIA gave them American citizenships, ignored their war crimes, and allowed them to bring their families to start a new life in the US. Wernher von Braun, a high ranking SS scientist, brought not only his family, but also his research team with him. The reason the US had an interest in him was because of his work on the Nazi V-2 Rocket (the world’s first long-range ballistic missile). The work he and his team did with the V-2 rockets set the stage for what would become the NASA Space Program. Working with NASA, Wernher and his team used their research and discoveries on the Saturn rockets to the Moon during the 1957 to 1975 space race with the Soviet Union. Using the Nazis’ field work, NASA had an advantage against the Soviets during the Cold War years. The CIA not only used German scientists for their knowledge of weapon development, but also used their mind control experimentation data from the tests on Jews in the concentration camps, and this was incorporated with the CIA's top secret mind control experiments: Project MK-ULTRA (Alltime Conspiracies. “Did America Protect Nazis After WW2?” - YouTube, 29 Oct. 2013, youtu.be/19vGQDbEiD4?list=PLBTUPfMwsvLUq2-3Cw9a_PS69nTV0UXkN).
Now with all...


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