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Jordan Griffin, Entry #1, Assess Your Job Satisfaction
When completing the Assess Your Job Satisfaction self-assessment, I learned that my average job satisfaction is quite low. With an average of 4.21 which is not all so shocking to me. I currently work at the Stein Mart in Mobile, AL as a sales associate. I consider this job to just be something to keep change in my pocket while I am in school at the moment. To continue to work at Stein Mart, is truly not a goal of mine which is why I believe my overall satisfaction average was so low. In that being said, the highest score I had was Social and Supervisory which wasn’t a total shock in my opinion but still very low at the same time. I enjoy working with my co-workers, although I am the youngest person to work there.
The reason why I feel as if I enjoy working with my co-workers who are older than I am is because I have previous experiences working with people older than I and have always enjoyed. To be around people of my age is enjoyable as far as events and gatherings but when it comes to work, I prefer to get the job done and am very dedicated to doing so which is why I believe it has been difficult here and there to work with people in my age range. Also, personally I have an old soul as well and things that people that are in my age range normally do, I don’t. So, I can say that plays a huge role as well. As far as my supervisory score being the next highest (same as social), I can see a good reason for that because I feel the management team at Stein Mart is dedicated to the company’s goal, values, and aspirations. They do everything in their power to make sure rules and regulations are being closely followed while yet maintaining a non-dictatorship authority to employees which I enjoy as an employee.
Jordan Griffin, Entry #2, Assessing Your Attitudes Change at Work
When taking Assessing Your Attitudes Change at Work for Chapter 16, I came to the knowledge that I am fairly neutral when it comes to the emotional effect that changes at work have on me meaning it do not see it as positive or negative. I can see this being true because the job I use as an example for assessments will be Stein Mart, and I actually am considering quitting them soon. I feel as if Stein Mart really has me to do the same and my position has became a little monotonous and mundane as if there is really no room for growth. However, I am able to easily adapt to change even if I do not necessarily agree with it.
I am really not that much of a change of routine seeking person but not that much of a consistent routine seeking person either. As stated, I really don’t care for change but am not opposed to it or find it hard to adapt. I even see this in my sleep schedule, odd enough. Even though it may not be the best but I can go to sleep at 3 am in the morning, wake up at 6 am, and get through the day like I got through a full night's rest. I learned that I tend to be fine with changes that I go into knowing that it would...

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