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For the people within the government to decide what women are and are not able to
do with their bodies (abortion) as if they themselves are going to be the ones
taking care of the child, is inhumane. This argument is for abortion.
I feel that the circumstances in situations in which the conclusion or solution is abortion aren't to be generalized and assumed as "evil"
and "careless". A pregnancy is a HUGE responsibility. Raising a child is serious business-- children have basic needs-- food, shelter,
healthcare, support, attention, love, etc. Some people aren't genuinely just
aren't able to provide these types of things. There's also the rape situation.
Women shouldn't be forced to keep, birth, and raise a child that was conceived
unwillingly. Not only are they going to have to explain to their child how they
came to be, but regardless of what heart-felt sentimental rebuttal is provided to
show that a woman still loves their child, the child is, technically, a reminder
of what happened. Some bodies aren't capable of enduring pregnancy. The risk of
death by childbirth is 14 times higher than the risk of dying by abortion.
Size doesn't equal value. Embryos are smaller than children, but do you really
want to say that larger people are more human than small ones? Men are generally
larger than women, but that doesn't mean they deserve more rights.
Yes, Size does not equal value, but size isn't what's being considered in this case. Yes, size is a characteristic when describing the
embryo's level of growth but how large it is is not what matters when considering abortion. It's how far it has developed. If the embryo
isn't fully developed it isn't fully living.
So what about abortion?
ave you found any sources (articles, videos, etc., from Opposing...

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