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The Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama:
The Royal Welsh College of Music & Drama is based in the Centre of Cardiff. It is the National Conservatoire of Wales, and is a part of the University of South Wales Group, they compete alongside the international peer group of specialist art colleges and conservatoires for students worldwide, allowing students to explore the world of music, theatre and other creative professions. Each year The Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama displays over 300 public performances each year which includes drama, musical theatre, opera, orchestral concerts and recitals. The diversity in the college creates a stimulating environment and broad range creativity for the students of very discipline to experience. RWCMD lectures have a welsh of experience in the profession and industry and thus the college collaborates with numerous high profile art organisations which include the Welsh National Opera as well as the BBC. They bring in visiting artists and directors from these organisations so that there is a unique vocational nature to their training programmes which relate to the current practises and conditions of the professional world.
RWCMD are known to push boundaries with original programmes of studied designed to requirements of contemporary arts and creative industries. They were announced as the UK’s first All-Steinway Coservatorie in 2009. They have stated that the colleges focus is constantly on the future a d that they take pride in the world-class talent of their students. The Royal Welsh College of Music & Drama are also renowned as one of the UK’s top leading drama schools. They were ranked as the top institution in the UK for their drama training by the Guardian University Guide twice, and the BA (Hons) Acting course had a satisfactory score of 95% in 2016 in the Nation Student Survey.
BA (Hons) Acting:
Key Features
· Practical studio and rehearsal-based training in professional working conditions
· Small class sizes
· Established teaching team made up of experienced theatre professionals
· Regular opportunities to work with visiting actors and directors
· Core acting skills workshops exploring approaches to working through  improvisation, character, relationships and text
· Practical projects focusing on the specific skills required for performing Shakespeare, comedy, musical theatre, experimental theatre, film, TV and radio
· Opportunities to create and perform original work
· Vocal skills classes focusing on effective physical techniques for performance as well as vocal physiology, dialect and accents
· Specialist classes in singing technique, repertoire and musical theatre performance
· Movement skills classes focusing on effective communication through the body including Alexander Technique and stage combat
· Workshops preparing students for professional auditions for theatre and TV
· Roles in five public performances selected from a wide and challenging repertoire
· Showcase presentations to...


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