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Should Australia adopt driverless automated technology?
Driverless vehicle technology iv vital for the safety of Australian roads and its consumers.
Good Morning/Afternoon. Many of us Australians are concerned with the behaviours of drivers on our roads and the harm they pose to the public especially by those driving fatigued or under the influence of drugs or alcohol on our local residential streets. Our driving statistics may have halved since 1989 but this is all due to the decade long battle of authorities calling for tighter regulation and harsher offences imposed for dangerous driving behaviour. However, despite the efforts made to improve the safety of our roads, authorities have little to no control over the frequency of vehicle incidents relating to fatigue and human error. Automated technology has proposed a prompt solution to the hazards posed to and posed by drivers on Australian roads, through the introduction of automated sensory mechanisms into vehicles. Pilotless technology is comprised of sensors which control the movement of the vehicle which detect objects within the proximity of the vehicle and calculate the distance away from nearby objects or other vehicles on the road. Australian companies have also recently experimented with this technology engaging trials for automated vehicles under controlled environments. Driverless technology has undergone in-depth quality assurance, more than measures implemented in the manufacturing of vehicles which are driven today. Even more promising, driverless cars are said to be more fuel efficient and environmentally friendly than the cars we drive today. If we are really committed to the wellbeing of ourselves or loved ones or even the environment, we must see more Australians seated in this kind of technology. It is time we start to see this technology in our roads.
Road fatalities have been a recurring figure over the past decade in Australia despite the efforts of authorities to keep the figures low. A prompt solution is needed to overturn these figures and promise the safety of all on Australia’s roadways. In Australia, A large proportion of car accidents could be avoided by using self-driving vehicles and there is compelling logic in removing humans which the key source of the error from the driving equation. Driven by sophisticated GPS and radar systems, these vehicles will not make errors of judgement the way a human driver does. They will not fall asleep behind the wheel. They will not drink and drive as well. Google self-driving technology incorporated the use of 32 laser cameras and gyroscope positioning systems which allow its vehicles to drive under various conditions with little to no human intervention. Automated technology. Australia has been able to have a tight grip on erratic driving behaviour and drink driving through a decade long battle for tighter road legislation in Australia, but we cannot control hasn’t changed the number of human error incidences, primarily ...


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