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Executive Summary
This analytical report highlights McDonald’s Corporation’s organisational structure, and how it contributes to sustainability through implementation of policies and frameworks, to maintain its position as a sustainable business. McDonald’s is actually not a new player in the sustainable circle, with a history tracing way back to its founders in 1955.
Everyone has a part to play in conservation and preserving the planet, and businesses as a whole are naturally not excluded as well. Especially when they are a profitable business, more attentions would be placed on every corporate step and decision that they make; for McDonald’s, any introduction of new policies, or even a new item on the menu, would go viral almost immediately given their strong branding and wide customer base. This gives them an even bigger reason to take responsibility for what they do, and it is up to them to prove to the public that they are ethical in their operations despite garnering a huge profit yearly. From healthier menu choices to green buildings, as well as giving back to the society and implementing sustainability frameworks, McDonald’s has never failed to carry out constant reviewing of their current status as an ethical corporation, and this is primarily done through high engagement level with both customers and stakeholders, to ensure that their future plans can be rolled out seamlessly, having consulted their two biggest pillars of support.
It is almost impossible for an organisation to be perfect in whatever they do; however, McDonald’s is committed to continuous review and improvement of their practices and policies, thus recommendations are put out on the table to hopefully shed some new lights on the business and how they can go about maintaining their image as a dependable and ethical organisation. Although they can never please everyone, McDonald’s, having the right attitude of being very receptive to feedback and actually implementing necessary changes, can definitely keep their status as a world-leading fast-food chain.
McDonald’s Corporation, being a global enterprise with close to 40,000 restaurants across 100 countries, is one the world’s leading organisations in sustainability efforts (McDonald’s 2017). From food packaging to green buildings, Dubbed as the world’s largest fast-food restaurant chain, McDonald’s has spent a significant effort to link sustainability to its consumer-centric business model to build brand loyalty and consumer trust (Gunther 2013).
The success of McDonald’s today is largely attributed by their ethical actions and displayed integrity. They are consumer-centric, thus they work hard to build up and maintain trust and dependence by their customers (McDonald’s 2017). The organisation topped the charts in the overall corporate governance ranking in 2011, due to their branding position in ...


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