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Organizations operate in a complex business environment where things can and cannot be controlled. Managers are skilled and trained to how analyze and improve the organization for it to survive, grow and improve in the changing world. The management system is divided into two levels. Internal factors in an organization can usually be managed and dealt with, like labor, money, materials and equipments. These inputs can be turned into useful products, goods or services and make it available to the consumer. On the other hand external factors are hard to manage. They consist of all outside institutions: competitors, customers, suppliers and economic, technological, political, cultural ...view middle of the document...

In the 21st century businesses face some key challenges; the threat of international terrorism, the shift of global economy, the aging of population, shrinking the labor pool, changing nature of work, very diverse workplace, the need to improve product and customer service, and to enhance competitiveness of every countries workforce. Technology is certainly making a difference in the workplace. Technology is the business application of knowledge based on scientific discoveries, inventions, and innovations. New technologies allow businesses to provide new goods and services for consumers, also improve customer service. However technology is changing the shape of a company. It opens new questions about business ethics and social responsibility, computer crime, etc. Legal side is the relationship between the company and the government. Government has an influence on a business. They set rules and regulations of what they can and cannot do. The service industry has to deal with FDA. If there is an issue with an employee, then the manager has to deal with EDD, OSHA or SDI's rules and regulations. Businesses face obstacles in the global marketplace. Companies have to be sensitive to social, cultural differences such as languages, values and religions. Each country has its own law regulations. Trade restrictions and administrative barriers are also challenges in the international business.The task environment includes competitors, customers, suppliers, regulators and strategic partners. Competitors are organizations that compete with other organizations. Customers are people that will pay money to receive a company's goods and services. Organizations constantly compete with e...


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1293 words - 6 pages affecting the business and causing deviations, so as to take necessary actions to correct it. The pace, complexity, and scope of change in the environment demands an organization change approach that is pervasive, complex, agile, and integrated (Worley and Mohrman, 2014, pp.214-224)2. Depending on the size of the organization, the impact of change differs. There are a variety of forces in the general environment which can surprise the organization’s

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1659 words - 7 pages define organisational structure. · For your example organisation, you should define their organisational environment in the terms of the four contingency factors and comment on the match (or mismatch) of the organisation to its organisational environment. Organizational structure is defined as a way of setting up an organization in order to achieve its missions and goals in the most proficient manner. The functioning of all the operations performed

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663 words - 3 pages -performance workplace is to increase focus on people's influence on a business, impact of processes, technology, environment, leadership to inspire and direct employees and the resources that will improve their work (Gartner, 2005). High-performance in the workplace will allow employees to network and complete necessary tasks effectively. High performing organizations can be large to small businesses. The characteristics of high-performance

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1112 words - 5 pages As a manager for one of the leading confectionery and snackfood companies in the world, I have found motivation one of the keys to ensuring that employees are committed to the success and growth of the Mars organization. The secret to becoming an effective team in today's work environment is motivation and cooperation.Mars promotes self directed teams to enhance the motivation of the employees within the teams. Managers within the organization

Organizational behavior is the study and application of knowledge about how people, individuals, and groups act in organizations

437 words - 2 pages Organizational behavior is the study and application of knowledge about how people, individuals, and groups act in organizations. The purpose of such study is to help internal incorporation, bring employees from all levels of the company closer together, and boost their performance. Employees are what make up an organization or a company. A company must run successfully; therefore, the employees have to work well together. People work

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3440 words - 14 pages of the pre-classicists up to the conventional theorists, they are still on search and on the process of developing theories that are efficient and applicable to management thinking.On one hand, the approach on the management practices has usually been overlooked. The task of management is to embody the individual and the organization in a common work environment where their satisfaction, needs and goals are met (Mullins 2005). The organization is

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1083 words - 5 pages Free organization falls extremely short when they are unable to clearly define roles of its staff. This causes the staff and youth program workers, to behave unpredictably. As a result, staff and volunteers are forced into the wrong roles- creating tension and conflict between groups. We see management unable to address strategic goals due to a changing staff environment. Turnover and conflict among educators forced the youth programs to be relegated under

Organizational Management

1054 words - 5 pages added value and how it can be maintained. The knowledge infrastructure within the Allstate is organized in such a way that effective team work, creativity, positive thinking, self confidence and a good learning environment are stimulated by; for example, the use of computers, Internet and Intranet, continuous training, an auditorium, organization of brainstorm sessions, review meetings, etc. The ability of Allstate employees to learn by

Evaluation Of Stratigic Management

4178 words - 17 pages the idea to understand the strategic position of the organization. It is an ongoing activity of organization. Strategic analysis gives the clear picture of the changes in the environment and how these changes affecting the organization and its activities. It gives idea about the resources and competencies present and their contribution to competitive advantage and development of new opportunities. Also it produces the idea about the people and

The Four Functions Of Management

1338 words - 6 pages Four Functions of Management: Planning, Organizing, Leading, and ControllingThere are certain functions of management that all businesses and organizations must adhere to. Without a strict set of disciplines, any business or organization will fail. There will be udder chaos within the organization. This is the reason that the four functions of management were set in place. A good manager must implement, practice apply these management techniques

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436 words - 2 pages Free objectives, points and destinations. A portion of the upsides of solid administration incorporate the start of activities, inspiration, arrangement of effective activity, formation of certainty, helps in the improvement of coordination in the association, helps in building a good working environment, and helps building morale while working. Great leaders in an association set headings for whatever is left of the workers in the organization; they

Lateral And Vertical Communication

621 words - 3 pages meetings and not at their immediate work environment."The unity of command constrains the communication to specified vertical connections among management, departments, and staff," (Spillan, Mino, & Rowles, 2002). Individual departments, in my organization, have individual goals. Individual departmental goals have also created conflict. The conflict comes from not communicating individual departmental goals laterally. For example, the

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3010 words - 13 pages and objective. Organizational structure playing an important role for the company to success or faliure in the market environment. it must to be organize correctly to match the company objective. By understanding company organization structure will explain the relationship of organization structure related to the production of work. By having a organizational structure will help the company minimize the turbulence of over job responsibility and

Report On Conditions Under Which Organizations Should Consider Changing Their Existing Structures And The Benefits Which May Be Excepted Structure

2522 words - 11 pages structuresTherefore, if the organizational structure cannot fit contextual environmental changes, under the pressure of survival, the organization needs to restructure to "align responsibilities with important organizational needs, or to improve communication channels" (Robbins et al., 2002).Internal environment requires to change structuresAccording to Stanniforth (1994) argued that internal triggers leading to structure changed often include the managing

Differences In OSHA And EPA

723 words - 3 pages the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, is an organization created to enforce safety regulations and impose safe working practices in the workforce. OSHA's mission is to assure safe and healthful working conditions for working men and women by setting and enforcing standards and by providing training, outreach, education, and assistance. (Occupational Safety and Health Administration, 2014) The purpose of OSHA is to work alongside the