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November 25 2018 Maninderpreet Kaur T00618603
Background: -
I am Maninderpreet Kaur, India and currently a major in Human Resource Management candidate Thompson Rivers University, Kamloops. My first contact with TRU dates to 2018, May when I just finished my bachelor’s in commerce back in my country. I was planning to enrol myself into majors of commerce at Delhi university, day my father asked just asked me that why not you join your brother in Canada as my younger brother Karan came here in January intake at TRU as well. At the very first I was not very happy with this question as Clearly, I had some other plans for myself with my friends with whom I have studied from the very beginning. But my father also gave me an option that he will not impose his decision on me by the will be happy whatever decision I will make even if I wanted to stay back in India and continue with my masters. But after thinking a lot about the international studies and the opportunities that I will get after I will accomplish my study from an international university, I said yes to my father which made him really happy and I applied In Post Bacc. Diploma in International Business at TRU. The university approved my request and I got admission in this programme for may semester. After doing all the formalities and fulfilling all the requirements of the university, my is a got approved and I came here in Canada on 27th April,2018. After coming here, I investigated the other programmes and I liked Human resource management than International Business. So, I exchanged my programme and continued with HRM. Now its my second semester here in TRU and its been 7 months that I am here in Kamloops.
Experience as a international student :-
My experience as an international student has, overall been positive. Any challenges that I meet are outside the academic programme, namely affordable housing and general cost of living. First, Kamloops is very small and not so popular city in Canadas. Even though, when I was applying for the offer letter, I heard about Kamloops for the very first time in my life. So, it is but no mean student budget friendly as there are not so many rental properties available here. Second, as TRU host many students and interns at international organisations and young professionals in mobility, finding w place to stay is a time and money consuming process. Moreover, student residents are not pocket friendly even. So, I remain with an option for sharing an apartment with other pupils, which was rarely “value for money” option. On the positive side, I must mention that broad academic, curriculum offered within a high- quality education system that efficiently operates administration and infrastructure and above all, the international environment.
Social Environment: -
Kamloops and TRU both offer and ideal multicultural environment. Socialising with my international classmates was quite easy at the start and I soon expanded my social network by join...



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