Organizational Culture Inventory Keller Paper

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Part I – Introduction
The organization that I selected to study was my own company; Sandstone is Thai exporter and trading company. Sandstone exports various types of foods and beverages. Main products are: Jasmine rice and other Thai rice, canned fruits, and canned vegetables. Every work clearly separate work and responsibility in each department. Each department manages their work in their organization. It has President Manager, manager assistant, and an employee respectively.
Organization Culture, is importance part of organization, is social rules in an organization. Everybody has to know their organization culture in order to follow those culture.
Part II – Current Culture
A. Cultural Type
As we can see in the accompanying OCI Circumplex, Sandstone is strongest in the Aggressive/Defensive Styles. This Aggressive/Defensive culture is generally one “in which members are expected to approach tasks in forceful ways to protect their status and security, are characterized by Oppositional, Power, Competitive, and Perfectionistic norms.”
* Oppositional: pointing out flaws
* Power: building up one’s power base
* Competitive: turning the job into a contest
* Perfectionistic: doing things perfect
Primary style is Competitive This was the cultural norm with the greatest percent score: 89%. According to the OCI Interpretation & Development Guide, a Competitive culture is generally one “in which winning is valued and members are rewarded for outperforming one another. Members operate in a "win-lose" framework and believe they must work against (rather than with) their peers to be noticed”. (Turn the job into a contest; never appear to lose)
Secondary style is Oppositional This was the cultural norm with the second greatest percent score: 88%. According to the OCI Interpretation & Development Guide, an Oppositional culture describes organizations in which confrontation and negativism are rewarded. Members gain status and influence by being critical and thus are reinforced to oppose the ideas of others.
Weakest style is Humanistic-Encouraging This was the cultural norm with the lowest percent score: 37%. A "Humanistic-Encouraging culture characterizes organizations that are managed in a participative and person-centered way. Members are expected to be supportive, helpful, and open to influence in their dealings with one another."
I surmised most of this by observation and experience, but never before had a proper label for it. Actually, I am a bit surprised about the degrees or percentages represented on the Circumplex; I didn't expect that the styles would be so very high in some areas and so severely lacking in others.
B. Behaviors Associated with the Current Cultural Type
In this section, I will describe the behaviors that are associated with the current cultural types at Sandstone. The top three Primary styles are Avoidance (87%), Oppositional (88%), and Competitive (89%).
1. What behaviors ...


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