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Organizational Ethics Week 5 Essay

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Running Head: PERSONAL AND ORGANIZATIONAL ETHICSPersonal and Organizational Ethics[Writer Name][Institute Name][Course name and number][Name of paper][Instructor's name][Date submitted] Personal and Organizational EthicsIntroductionThis guy that she was with thought that just because she owned a business that this gave him the right to do what he wanted to at the office. If she were in with a client and he came to the office he would just walk in and not knock or anything. This was very unprofessional and abused this love very much so.DiscussionEventually things got worse between them and they split up. This was really the only way to resolve the problem with him abusing the resources that she had available to her. The way he went about conducting himself in a place of business was not professional and the fact that they split up really helped her in more ways than one (Carroll & Buchholtz, 2008). No matter what went on in that office she had to be ...view middle of the document...

I realized this when I was given some responsibilities temporarily to be more of a manager than being in a patient care role. I was happier to be able to work with others that were in administration helping to make the company work better. I think that many people have the barrier of their education, or lack of it, that hold them back at their jobs but they do not realize the potential that receiving more schooling would give them. At one place of business I worked for there were things that were legal but not necessarily ethical that occurred at times. Certain employees would do their work from home which was not supposed to be allowed, but they would document that the work was done at the office (Carroll & Buchholtz, 2008). The reason the work was to be done at the office was because the information enclosed in the documents they were working on did not need to be seen by anyone other than the employees of the company.ConclusionWith the documents being completed at the employee's home, their family members could possibly see what was in the documents and if the information for some reason ever got out it could cause trouble for the company. Now day's information is protected under HIPPA regulations and it is very critical that anyone in the healthcare field follow the HIPPA laws.ReferencesCarroll, Archie B. & Buchholtz, Ann K. (2008). Business and Society: Ethics and Stakeholder Management. Published by Cengage Learning, ISBN0324569394, 9780324569391.Boyle, Philip. (2001). Organizational ethics in health care: principles, cases, and practical solutions. Published by John Wiley and Sons, ISBN0787955582, 9780787955588.McDaniel, Charlotte. (2004). Organizational ethics: research and ethical environments. Published by Ashgate Publishing, Ltd., ISBN0754634477, 9780754634478.Brooks, Leonard J. & Dunn, Paul. (2009). Business & Professional Ethics for Directors, Executives & Accountants. Published by Cengage Learning, ISBN0324594550, 9780324594553.Aulisio, Mark P. & Arnold, Robert M. (2003). Ethics consultation: from theory to practice. Published by JHU Press, ISBN0801871654, 9780801871658.Lozano, Josep M. (2001). Ethics and Organizations. Published by Springer, ISBN1402003625, 9781402003622.

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