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University of PhoenixTEC401 Human Factors in TechnologyBSABOBHEIO TEC/401August 3, 2009 Team B has decided to use AT&T as the organization for the "Organizational Technology Plan paper." The technology plan includes an overview of the company, a current technology assessment and a discussion of the company's value chain analysis.OverviewThe root of the organization can be traced as far back as 1875 when the founder of the organization, Alexander Graham Bell, created the telephone. AT&T had become the oldest organization of the bell system, the telephone of America, in the 19th century (AT&T, 2009). In 1905 AT&T was in highly desirable financial shape; many believed ...view middle of the document...

The new ideas ranged from the optical technology and IP network manager to automatic speech recognition and next generation text-to-speech products (AT&T, 2009).The AT&T Labs has a strong heritage of new ideas. The engineers and the researchers created some of the world's most important technological inventions, including the solar cell, transistor, communication satellite, and the creation of the field of Information Theory. Even today the groups of technologist from AT&T are continuing to invent technologies that enable the organization to bring a new generation of communication services and universal network. AT&T remains committed to creating top of the line communications technologies that enables easy to use, high quality, seamless, and affordable communications, at any time and anywhere (AT&T, 2009).The organization has made the decision to use the InPhonic to provide services and software when signing up new subscribers to the cell phone services. This new software will help the organization's business customers order and activate their phone. The customers will be able to receive their bills as well as contact customer service. The contract with this new service is for two years. The organization plans to influence its corporate clients who are using cellular phone network from Sprint by offering new mobile phone services (AT&T, 2009).Technology Used in BusinessAT&T offers a broad range of services in the technological field for all different kinds of applications. The types of technology offered range from services in wireless network communication to software design and engineering as well as data information for business analysis and management systems. The technology provided today by AT&T has revolutionized the business world. With services from electronics to wireless communications, AT&T remains a leader in the technological industry and continues to stay on top of the field of competition. The company offers a broad range scale of information systems. Management continues to research and develop new ideas that will yield a higher return on investment for the company.AT&T organization has been a leader and an innovator of technology development since 1901. The organization has a team of technologists that help keep the organization staying ahead of the competition. These technologists continue to invent technology that enables AT&T to bring a new generation of universal network and communication services that will facilitate and satisfy all the needs of its customers. Many business and citizens are benefiting from the applications and services AT&T offers and are able to use the technological developments to streamline their efforts in adapting to the changing needs for technological advancements in the business world.Impact on Four Functions of ManagementWhen it comes to the four functions of management-planning, organizing, leading, and controlling-the management team at AT&am...


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2497 words - 10 pages the size of his army (human resources), the location where the battle would be fought (environment), the choice of weapons at his disposal (technology), and a plan that took all of these factors into consideration (strategy). In the same way, a manager must plan out his organizational structure prior to implementing processes within his business. Managers must provide structure to achieve their organizational goal (Law, 2006). By addressing the

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1288 words - 6 pages critical. The business consists of cellular equipment and technology. If the managers at company do not stay functional and organized then the business could take a turn, a negative one which will not be in any persons favor. Management is significant because managers are the ones who basically run the company. Organizational skills are very important to the business in whether it be human resources, monetary, technology, or knowledge. If managers

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3208 words - 13 pages Free , attitudes, standards and thinking of an organization through interventions so that it can adapt to new and better challenges, technology and marketing strategies. (Dunning, 2002a)It does not simply make an organization better but focuses on interpreting and supervising an organizational change by involving organizational planning, expression, system improvement and analysis bringing about the required result. It is characterized by individuality

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4589 words - 19 pages organizational units. By moving rapidly, companies can quickly adapt to market changes, including the emergence of new competitors, economic shifts, evolving customer preferences, and the introduction of innovative products. For example, enterprise-technology companies must significantly alter their current work processes. Sales teams typically develop complex digital-sales solutions over many years, testing them only when they are complete. A

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