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Organizational Trends Discussion Essay

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Organizations must develop methods for ensuring that high-performance is encouraged. High-performance organizations achieve greater success than traditional organizations. All organizations experience forms of stress. Strategies can be implemented to manage and reduce stress in the workplace. Trends continue to emerge in high-performance organizations and new stress management techniques have developed over time.The characteristics of a high-performance workplace is to increase focus on people's influence on a business, impact of processes, technology, environment, leadership to inspire and direct employees and the resources that will improve their work (Gartner, 2005). High-performance in ...view middle of the document...

Organizations must develop polices to promote a healthy work environment and managing stress. Management should be training on understanding what causes stress and how it can affect individual performance. Organizations that work to build a healthy working environment and make investments in their employees are more likely to attain the benefits the employee's full talents and highest potential. Organizations that treat their employees as a valued member of the organization will receive high returns. Many organizations have different programs designed for employee assistance. These programs provide help for employees facing personal issues and stress. Work stress is common in today's society, so it is vital to have employee assistance programs available to employees.Emerging trends is a topic area growing in interest and utility over time, according to Kontostathis, (2002). Then once we combine this emerging trend to organization behavior, the organization behavior can relate to high-performance...

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