Origin Of Life Study Guide: About How Did The Earth And Early Life Formed Biology Essay

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Origin of life
Origin of universe
· 13.8 billion years ago
Origin of Earth
· 4.5 billion years ago
· Solar system is forming
· Rocks and meteors are colliding
· Heavy stuff go to the center
· As earth spins it is getting denser
· Not dense enough to hold gases so no atmosphere
· Icy rock
· Inside of becomes molten
· Pressure
· Causes lots of eruptions and geysers
· Primordial atmosphere
· Volcanic gases start to form
· H20, CO2, NH3, N2, H2S
· Reduces oxygen
· So no o2
· Important because life could not have formed if there was oxygen around
· Oxygen would just break those organisms down
· Gases were escaping
· Formation of monomers
· Amino Acids, Glycerol, Monosaccharides
· From primordial gases
· Have crucial energy sources to have formed
· Intense thermal source
· Center of Earth
· Released heat from volcanoes
· Intense lightning storms
· Contrast between temperatures on the surface of Earth and the atmosphere caused this
· Intense UV radiation
· No ozone layer to block out these rays
· These energy sources and monomers combined together
· Millers apparatus tested this
· Similar gases with spark chamber, condenser, then boiling back to gas
· Formed a gooey group of organic materials
· Formation of polymers
· Monomers combined together to form polymers
· Amino acid X 2= protein
· Mono Sac X 2= Poly sac
· Glycerol + fatty acids = Lipids
· Nucleotides X 2= nucleic acids
· Used these energy sources to do so
· Intense thermal source
· Center of Earth
· Released heat from volcanoes
· Intense lightning storms
· Contrast between temperatures on the surface of Earth and the atmosphere caused this
· Intense UV radiation
· No ozone layer to block out these rays
· Formation of water
· Earth is really hot
· Causes water to evaporate quickly initially
· Causes earth to be rocky and rigid with gasses
· Earth then cools down
· Water collects on Earth surface
· Forms a “dilute soup”
· Water with consumable things in it
· 5-10% is organic
· Becomes more smooth
· Dilute soup is still forming
· Aggregation
· Molecules are in a clump
· These are called aggregates
· 2 types
· Both are Prebions
· Coacervates
· Proteins + carbon
· Microsphere
· Proteins
· Prebionts are not living
Living organism- physical entity that utilizes matter and energy from the environment to grow and reproduce
· Prebions
· System that uses energy
· Consumes other molecules to maintain themselves
· Some point they become able to divide
· RNA forms and becomes “RNA world”
· Proteins
· No DNA
· First molecules to direct protein synthesis
· Prokaryote consumers develop
· Replicated as aggregates begin to grow and split
· First Organism
· 3.5 billion years ago
· Prokaryote
· Consumer-anaerobic
· Heterotroph hypothesis
· Heterotrophs before autotrophs
· Earth is cooling
· Competition for organic molecules is increasing
· Aggregation is happening in tidal pools
· Soup is becoming more and more dilute
· Less organic material is being...

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