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Original Writing: A Soldiers Tale …

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Monday 11th of September, 1915Dear Diary,As I arrived at the trenches, today, for the first time in my life, I felt helpless. Seeing the trench, the soldiers, particularly the look on their faces filled with sadness and fear of death, and the worst of all was that now I would be one of them …Time passes so slowly but it's starting to get dark, some of the soldiers are already asleep. I am feeling very tired and it has only been my first day so what about the other soldiers who have been here for over 6 months; what would they say? If I`am feeling corroded after 1 day. Only yesterday morning it was like any other day until I got the message that I was going to war tomorrow, imagine the ...view middle of the document...

m and now we are just off to get some food, not anything special just piece of bread and water, no vegetables, no fruit, well, apart from juice but that's very rarely. Only one thing which gives us energy anymore is cigarettes it stops us going hungry also. But I really need to remember to not take the match to light my cigarette as a third person because when the first person in that case its Rob lights up a match the German solders might see it on the second person they aim and on the third one they fire! So even by lighting up your cigarette you might get killed and give away your position.Hours have passed and I am still on the front line, Rob is covering behind me. Rob has been here now for over 6 months of course like any other soldier in the squad he looked drained. When I've talked to him he seemed really cunning, he was telling me how he planned going to university, study, make a family with his loved fiancé Mary. He was only 20 years old and just look at him! What is he doing here; he should be following his dreams like all of us! Not orders. But there is no choice for anyone, no future you just live minute by minute. Oh; I better get going its 10a.m, my time for break (finally)I shove off from the front line. Escaping the bloodshed and slaughter around. My break lasts only for 20min. The commanders wouldn't give us more because all they care about is themselves, about their survival but they do know that without us they wouldn't get anywhere. My hands are trembling with fear it seems like earth is exploding in front of my eyes...Wednesday 13th of September, 1914Dear Diary,In confusion I wake up, forgetting where I was but something reminded me the BIG BANG! Of some sort of detonator. The sky before me looked like a firework display on New Years Eve. If only they weren't too threatening. I can see another shell just coming on us it better don't get too close.Move.Dont breathe. I told myself as the shell landed just behind us in the trench incase if it's a gas shell. `Watch out!` Rob yelled as the next direct hit had not been far off. The worst has happened a gas shell in the trench …`Hurry, gas-gaas-!` I screamed while maneuvering in the filthy mud. Trampling the terrible corpses-blind with blood. I try to find my gas mask in my case but I crawl on someone. I need to pass on the message so I yell `gaaaasss-maskk` but he didn't reply nor did he move. Is this soldier dead? I shake him, but again he doesn't seem to notice. I feel dizzy-I still can't find the gas mask in my bag; did I drop it somewhere on the way? This was no time for pointless questions I knew that if I won't find it in the next minute or so my lungs will get too strained, overheated and I might loose consciousness. I can hear muted screams in the background. `Stop, stop, shaking me…` I muffled and as I opened my eyes in front of me was Rob, putting my gas mask on and forcing me to get up. `I took the gas mask from other dead recruit, now, everything...

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