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Monday 11th of September, 1915Dear Diary,As I arrived at the trenches, today, for the first time in my life, I felt helpless. Seeing the trench, the soldiers, particularly the look on their faces filled with sadness and fear of death, and the worst of all was that now I would be one of them …Time passes so slowly but it's starting to get dark, some of the soldiers are already asleep. I am feeling very tired and it has only been my first day so what about the other soldiers who have been here for over 6 months; what would they say? If I`am feeling corroded after 1 day. Only yesterday morning it was like any other day until I got the message that I was going to war tomorrow, imagine ...view middle of the document...

m and now we are just off to get some food, not anything special just piece of bread and water, no vegetables, no fruit, well, apart from juice but that's very rarely. Only one thing which gives us energy anymore is cigarettes it stops us going hungry also. But I really need to remember to not take the match to light my cigarette as a third person because when the first person in that case its Rob lights up a match the German solders might see it on the second person they aim and on the third one they fire! So even by lighting up your cigarette you might get killed and give away your position.Hours have passed and I am still on the front line, Rob is covering behind me. Rob has been here now for over 6 months of course like any other soldier in the squad he looked drained. When I've talked to him he seemed really cunning, he was telling me how he planned going to university, study, make a family with his loved fiancé Mary. He was only 20 years old and just look at him! What is he doing here; he should be following his dreams like all of us! Not orders. But there is no choice for anyone, no future you just live minute by minute. Oh; I better get going its 10a.m, my time for break (finally)I shove off from the front line. Escaping the bloodshed and slaughter around. My break lasts only for 20min. The commanders wouldn't give us more because all they care about is themselves, about their survival but they do know that without us they wouldn't get anywhere. My hands are trembling with fear it seems like earth is exploding in front of my eyes...Wednesday 13th of September, 1914Dear Diary,In confusion I wake up, forgetting where I was but something reminded me the BIG BANG! Of some sort of detonator. The sky before me looked like a firework display on New Years Eve. If only they weren't too threatening. I can see another shell just coming on us it better don't get too close.Move.Dont breathe. I told myself as the shell landed just behind us in the trench incase if it's a gas shell. `Watch out!` Rob yelled as the next direct hit had not been far off. The worst has happened a gas shell in the trench …`Hurry, gas-gaas-!` I screamed while maneuvering in the filthy mud. Trampling the terrible corpses-blind with blood. I try to find my gas mask in my case but I crawl on someone. I need to pass on the message so I yell `gaaaasss-maskk` but he didn't reply nor did he move. Is this soldier dead? I shake him, but again he doesn't seem to notice. I feel dizzy-I still can't find the gas mask in my bag; did I drop it somewhere on the way? This was no time for pointless questions I knew that if I won't find it in the next minute or so my lungs will get too strained, overheated and I might loose consciousness. I can hear muted screams in the background. `Stop, stop, shaking me…` I muffled and as I opened my eyes in front of me was Rob, putting my gas mask on and forcing me to get up. `I took the gas mask from other dead recruit, now, everyth...


Literary Review Of "Fallen Angels" With Citations And Quotes From The Book

1145 words - 5 pages Free The novel, "Fallen Angels", was written by Walter Dean Myers in 1988 in Jersey City, New Jersey. The writing is of a war fiction genre and also a coming-of-age story. The tale is told in a first person point of view through a fairly young African-American soldier fighting in the controversial Vietnam War. The story takes place in 1967 to 1968.The novel begins in 1967 with Richie Perry; a seventeen year old, black, high-school graduate joining

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626 words - 3 pages Young 2 Guilt Trip When reading Edgar Allen Poe’s “The Tell-Tale Heart” our narrator is motived to execute an elderly man with an unusual eye. The old man’s physical disabilities “would fancy him mad” (Poe 37), thus leading our narrator to become a cold-blooded killer. However, it wasn’t the death of the old man that would be our narrators undoing, it was his anxiety and the sound of a subtle heartbeat that would unfold everything. In the story

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405 words - 2 pages novel -- Julian Moynahan on Pip as Dickens's most complex hero -- Harry Stone on fairy-tale aspects of the novel -- H.M. Daleski on the use of the first person in the novel -- A.E. Dyson on Magwitch -- Q.D. Leavis on guilt and class in the novel -- John Lucas on Pip as character and Pip as narrator -- Pearl Chesler Solomon on Dickens and his father -- Murray Baumgarten on writing and speech in the novel -- Thomas Loe on the Gothic elements in the

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1653 words - 7 pages woman but a fictional construction of male misogynist who conforms to his societys views of women. Thus, we can see that the Wife of Baths Prologue and Tale find ways do not transcend the misogyny the confront. Through the use of use of mythological and distant setting of the wife of Baths Tale further adds to the debate of it being a misogynistic writing, as it suggests that the only place women may have power is outside the real world. The

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1313 words - 6 pages shown in the text and your creativity? WRITTEN EXPLANATION I have chosen to write about the real life recount of Pauline Nguyen, her childhood and strained relationship with her strict father, in the story “Courage of soldiers” However, I have chosen to write this story from the perception of a minor character in the author’s original story, Aunty Ten. I have chosen a different writing style than the original author, Pauline Nguyen. Instead of a

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687 words - 3 pages An Analysis of 'Homecoming'In twenty-five lines of dramatic and saddening poetry, Bruce Dawe's "Homecoming" describes to the audience the tragedies of war, the return of the young bodies of the soldiers from the Vietnam War and the lack of respect that was given to these soldiers. Bruce Dawe was born 15 February 1930, he is an Australian poet who began writing poetry at the age of 13. He was influenced by writers such as John Milton and Dylan

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2286 words - 10 pages 1 Kayla Hussey Professor Rodriguez War and Gender 12/8/16 Comparative of How British and German Soldiers Were Viewed in Society Post World War I: Physical and Psychological Traumas While the governments of each country were figuring out how to come back from World War One peacefully, returning soldiers were dealing with the traumas endured during their time at the war front. Wilfred Owens, a poet of World War One, writes, “My friend, you would

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730 words - 3 pages many others may have also inspired The Winter’s Tale. Shakespeare was very smart to have taken ideas from other popular plays of the time when writing The Winter’s Tale. Shakespeare used a very popular technique of the time called pastoral romance. Pastoral romance is romance that is not true to life and unreal. By using ideas from other popular plays and using the popular writing technique of pastoral romance, Shakespeare’s the Winter’s Tale

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3401 words - 14 pages ]. Contextually, while Margaret Atwood was writing The Handmaid's Tale, Ronald Reagan ruled the White House and the Christian right was on the rise throughout America. This conservative phenomenon generally opposed such personal freedoms an individual's right to practice homosexuality or a woman's decision to pursue a career rather than a family and life at home. In The Handmaid's Tale, Atwood exaggerates and projects these extremely conservative

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859 words - 4 pages eye as a source that could see the evilness and deep secret Work Cited Allan Poe, Edgar. “The Tell-Tale Heart.” Backpack Literature: an Introduction to Fiction, Poetry, Drama, and Writing 1973, edited by Kennedy, X.J. and Gioia, Dana, 5th ed., Pearson Education, 2015, pp. 40-45. s of people.

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1166 words - 5 pages the toughest of men and the most cheerful can be flipped upside down. Many soldiers had come into this war with valor and pride for their country and to bring pride to their family but only a few soldiers made it out alive. Many of these soldiers' moral values had changed during the war. Paranoia and the fear of death were just as dangerous as the guns on the battlefield. Unlike other books that were written about The Great War, All Quiet on the

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1113 words - 5 pages Free Chafin 1 Jenna Chafin Enc 1102 Vince May 20, 2018 P1-EPR Author, William Faulkner shows literary realism in his Southern gothic reading, “A Rose for Emily”, which he has divided into five separate portions. In this engaging short story, Faulkner disguises the multiple diverse references he is inferring within this subtlety gruesome tale of a woman’s passing. Faulkner uses his unique flow of writing to connect a story with substantial real life

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1706 words - 7 pages literature had a more profound effect on models of writing. Next, Lancia discusses on page 472 five ways children borrow literature: 1. Students borrowed an entire plot for retelling. [retelling only accounted for 3% of all borrowed ideas. (p. 472)] 2. Students borrowed a book’s characters and wrote new material for them in a new plot or continuation of the original story. [32% of stories included already established characters from a piece of literature

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530 words - 3 pages Free A Handmaid’s Tale Even a great forefather of science like Galileo could not escape the grasp of the Inquisition. Thousands upon thousands of people were tortured into confessions of heresy and then relinquished of their sins by being executed in God’s name. There is little difference between that and A Handmaid’s Tale by Margaret Atwood. In the book the main character, Offred, gives a first-person encounter about her subservient life as a

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1091 words - 5 pages of the common people, and not in French (the language of the court). This made his writing legible to everyone and definitely aided his popularity. Also, except for a few earlier anonymous writers, he was one of the first poets to use the iambic pentameter.The Canterbury Tales is the work that secured his literary reputation. It is a group of individual stories told by a group of pilgrims on their way from Southwark to Canterbury to visit the