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There are many different ways people can look at this situation and decide whether Osama bin Laden is justified by Islam to declare Holy Jihad upon the United States. Depending on what country one lives or what religion one believes in determines how they look at this situation. For Example, if you grew up being a Muslim then you will probably say Osama bin Laden is justified by Islam. Even if you are a Muslim and do not agree with Osama bin Laden's actions, you still would not say so because of the fear of being killed by other Muslims.The word "JIHAD," in Islam, is the spiritual struggle against evil. This word jihad has been in frequent use over the past several years. The closest synonym ...view middle of the document...

Although, there are two different ways to address this situation no matter if you are a believer or non-believer. From my perspective as an American, I would definitely disagree with Bin Laden's actions. According to the Koran, beginning hostilities and acts of aggression which violate the rights of others or harm innocent people are not permitted. The Koran not only discourages that sort of behavior, but commands for that sort of behavior to be avoided. What can be referred to as even simple acts of hurting and destroying non-human creatures like animals and trees are forbidden to the Muslim people. The only time war is to be waged is to defend the religious community against tyranny and discrimination. Therefore, if non-Muslims are peaceful or indifferent to Islam, there is no justified reason to declare war on them. Even without the Koran, the killing of innocent people is wrong no matter what religion you believe in.The other way of addressing this situation is in Osama Bin Laden's shoes. A lot of people believe jihad and terrorism have no link, but in fact, most terrorist actions are not even...

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