Othello Essay Story About Othello And My Opinion On What Happened English Essay

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Faith Guthrie
English 3H
Prompt: Appearances Can Be Deceiving via Othello
The weary theme of “Deceiving Appearances” is used profusely throughout the Shakespearean play named Othello; as well as the theme of forbidden love, and many others throughout the play. The theme of perception vs. deception (the deceiving appearance) is mostly seen through Othello’s main antagonists Iago who is portrayed as “honest Iago” Othello’s trusted servant as his wife Emilia is also the maid of Othello’s fair lady Desdemona. Although, Iago’s “honesty” or dishonesty is seen within his characters personality Othello falls for his pawn on him.
Within the play Iago specializes in toying with words and creating scenarios between the play’s characters. A prime example of this is shown in Act 2, Scene3 when Othello tells cassio that he is in charge of the battle victory celebration and is told to make sure that even though it is a party the men must consume everything moderately. Cassio tries to preserve his sobriety but later fails when he is greeted by Iago who begins to speak about Desdemona and her fine beauty, he almost makes a gossip of her innocence or tries to expose her inner vulgarity but Cassio pays this little to no mind. The trick Iago has up his sleeve is simply of the jelousy of cassio’s leutient role. The conversation turns left when Iago presses Cassio to drink, “tis a night of revels… If I can fasten but one cup upon him which he hath drunk tonight already he’ll be full of quarrel and offense...” basically applying the theory that cassio is an intolerable drinker after the drink Iago pawns Roderigo the fool and incites the argument between the two men. To stop the argument peacemaker montano tries to intervene telling cassio of his drunkenness which causes brief argument between them as well. When Othello finally arises to address the...

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