Our First Corroboree Essay

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Mum, Dad, my sister Kate and I have been travelling around Australia for the past 4 months. We have travelled through the outback of N.S.W. into South Australia and now heading towards Western Australia. Kate and I do school work by correspondence but we have learnt much more travelling by meeting different people and seeing how they live.Today the blazing sun rose bright and quick, bringing down scorching heat that seams to hate to fade. The outlook changes from gold, violet, orange and red but never green. The white, fluffy numbus clouds dance high in the sky. A lizard was lounging in the sun, too warm to think of chasing dinner. Bones of dead animals told us that nothing lives for long in ...view middle of the document...

Within the hour we arrived. It did not take us long to organise our camp. As we were finishing washing up the dinner plates other people were arriving and organising their own camps.As usual, after dinner we would all relax around the low fire and have discussions of what we would like to see or do in the next town or sometimes we would recall people or places that we have seen."Do you remember the old man at that caravan park in N.S.W., who told us the story about the long-toothed monsters of the dark shades, who tear travellers limb from limb with their sharp teeth?"Before I could say another word Mum jumped in."That's nonsense, all your gonna do is scare your sister, I don't want to hear anymore about it."Dad shook his head in a puzzled fashion."I don't understand people like that. He must have been sick or something."The sun had just gone down and our eyes were trying to adjust to the dark and only small noises of people settling for the night were heard.A didjerido started playing.Suddenly it was really dark. I heard Kate's faint voice in my ear."Look, look at that tree!"I wasn't sure what tree but I looked at what I thought was a tree in front. It was changing. The trunk grew shorter and rounder. Limbs began to form; the tree was changing into a two-legged creature."Do you think it is the long toothed monster?" I whispered as I snuggled further down into my sleeping bag."Stop trying to scare me or I'm going to tell mum.""Well what do you think it is? Look, to your right, what's that?"Dim forms stirred restlessly. Bodies raised themselves on long legs; metallic colours began to glow. Vague shapes that slowly turned into bodies wavered around, Long hair grew thickly over their bodies, their arms changed to legs and their hands and feet became paws.I drew my breath quickly at the sight."Kate are you there?""If we keep quite it will probably go away." Kate whispered."Where are you?"Kate reached out and made contact with my hand."Shhhh." Was all Kate said.I could hear her doing the zipper up on her sleeping bag."What's that on your right? There's something floating overhead." Kate's voice seemed scared."Oh, look there's another one in front."They were all around us. A large kangaroo with long...

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