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Psychedelic compounds as means for psychoactive therapy
Subtitle that Captures Your Primary Thesis or Argument
Ikaika Loque
Sierra College
Title of Speech
I. Introduction
Currently one in four adults experience mental illness every year. Mental Illnesses like PTSD, Depression, Anxiety and Schizophrenia among a long list of others. What if there was a way to help these people if a 4 to 8 hour session instead of countless months and years of therapy and hindered if not thousands of pills designed to stabilize their mood. What if there was a way to let the brain re-program itself and help itself instead of telling it what to do.
B. REASON TO LISTEN: (Why should the audience listen to your speech?)
I would like to introduce the concept of using Illegal Psychedelic compounds such as LSD, Psilocybin, DMT and MDMA among others, as a platform to assist those with mental illnesses across the world.
C. SPEAKER CREDIBILITY: (Why are you a credible source on this subject?)
As someone who has been keeping up with Psychedelic research and its therapeutically properties for the last several years I would like to encourage you open your minds to the seemingly unorthodox way of dealing with mental disorders and the research that has been put behind it.
D. THESIS: In one complete sentence, state the purpose of your speech.
I will now discuss the applications of this unorthodox medicine and how psychotherapists can achieve the equivalent of years’ worth of therapy in a single 4-8 hour session. How the brain reacts to this therapy and other effects this medication has on the psyche and the first hand testimonies of patients from these trials
E. PREVIEW OF MAIN POINTS (may be combined with thesis)
1. This is one complete sentence previewing first main point.
2. This is one complete sentence previewing second main point.
3. This is one complete sentence previewing third main point.
Transition: This is a sentence that helps the audience move into the body of your speech.
II. Body
A. First main point goes here as a complete sentence.
Psychedelic therapy usually consists of one therapist and a patient who get to know each other and build trust before the psychedelic event. These psychedelic events are 8 hour sessions and a single patient may go through 1-3 sessions over the span of several months. During the session the patients mostly lay down on a couch with eyeshades and headphones on. These headphones usually play music that will resonate with the patients mind creating deep emotional responses. The use of psychedelic compounds like LSD and Psilocybin increase the amount of interconnection within the brain especially in the para-hippocampus (region that deals with memory) and the Visual cortex. This increased connection with the addition of music which compounds the visual effects makes for an incredibly emotional experience. Some patients in these studies have noted that this experience was m...

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