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Outline The Timeline Of Event Of Alexander The Great's Career Classical Studies Research Paper

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356 BCAlexander the Great - Timeline of Events
Alexander is born (356 BCE). 
Alexander is born at Pella in Macedonia, the son of King Philip II and Olympias. His first tutor, Leonidas, teaches Alexander math and military skills, such as archery and horsemanship. He trains Alexander to be physically tough.
343 BC
Philip hires Aristotle to tutor Alexander (343 BCE). 
In 343 BCE, Philip hires the Greek philosopher Aristotle to tutor Alexander. Over the next three years, Aristotle teaches Alexander to appreciate philosophy, geography, Greek poetry, and scientific investigation. Alexander particularly loves Homer's Iliad, which inspires him to dream of becoming a great warrior.
340 BC
Alexander joins his father's army (340 BCE). 
At age 16, Alexander finishes studying under Aristotle and joins his father's army. By this point, Philip controls all the Greek city-states except Athens and Thebes. He aims to unite the Macedonians and Greeks and invade the Persian Empire.
338 BC
Alexander leads the attack against the Thebans
In August 338 BCE, the Macedonians meet the Athenians and Thebans in battle at Chaeronea. Alexander leads the attack against the Thebans, while his father leads the attack against the Athenians. It is Alexander's first taste of battle, and he and his father defeat the Greeks, placing all Greek city-states except Sparta under Macedonian control.
336 BC
Philip is assassinated, and Alexander becomes king (October 336 BCE). 
In October 336 BCE, Philip celebrates his upcoming departure to attack Persia, as well as the marriage of his daughter Cleopatra. However, one of his bodyguards assassinates him in the theatre. Alexander becomes king of Macedonia at the age of 20.
335-334 BC
Alexander subdues rebellion in Greek city-states (Northern Campaigns)
After Philip's death, the Triballians the Thracians and Illyrians rise in rebellion. This inspires the Greek city-state of Thebes to rebel, and Alexander quickly besieges the city and razes it to the ground. The inhabitants are executed or sold into slavery, showing the other city-states that Alexander is just as powerful as his father.
334 BC
Alexander departs for Asia (Spring 334 BCE). 
After subduing rebellious Greek city-states, Alexander plans his campaign against the Persians, hoping to fulfil his father's dream of conquering the empire. Though his advisers object and Macedonia is virtually bankrupt, Alexander borrows money to supply his troops for one month and departs for Asia in the spring of 334 BCE.
334 BC
The Macedonians and Persians meet at Granicus 
After crossing the Hellespont, Alexander leads the Macedonian army against the Persians at the Granicus river. After savage fighting, the Persians satraps and Memnon of Rhodes retreat, and Alexander's army moves across the southern coast of Asia toward Gordium. As they travel, they liberate a number of cities from Persian rule.
334 BC
Siege of Miletus
Followed by Alex disbanding his fleet because the Persian navy was superior, his own...

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