Outsourcing Jobs To Poor Countries Is An Important Way To Maximize Profits For Corporations. Abc Ss Essay

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Outsourcing jobs to poor countries is an important way to maximize profits for corporations.
Corporations can have lots of benefits such as economical profits and more profits if they send their jobs to those poor countries where the wages are low and unemployment is high. By doing this corporations can have many benefits but it will have disadvantages, too.
To get maximum profits, corporations send their jobs to poor countries. The wages are too low in those countries as compared to America. Big corporations do their productions overseas and build their production factories overseas just to maximize their profits. By doing this they create lots of employment opportunity in those countries, but the disadvantage is that there will be big loss of employment in America. That will create unemployment in home country. But those corporations have nothing to do with the unemployment so they don’t even care about that. For example, a multi-billion company, Apple produces their most of electronics in the china. Those production houses have thousands of employees. If that start producing their electronics in America, it can create thousands of employments in America.
They outsource the jobs to the poor countries, in those countries they don’t have to provide amenities as they were supposed to provide those to the employee in America. They don’t have...


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