Overall, Castro Was A Harsh Dictatorship. Essay On Castro And Cuban History Great Neck North High School, World History Assignment

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In the 1950’s, Cuba was ruled by an unpopular dictator named Fulgencio Batista. As Cuban resentment grew, a revolution arose overthrowing Batista. A young lawyer, Fidel Castro led the revolution, and many people praised him for bringing social reforms and improving the economy. Overall, Castro was a harsh dictator; he suspended elections, jailed or killed his opponents and tightly controlled all of the media. Throughout Castro’s rule, he greatly impacted the rights of women and the economy in Cuba.
Before Castro’s rule over Cuba, women’s rights were very limited in which they didn’t has as many job opportunities and were extremely discriminated against. Majority of the older generation had never wanted equal rights for women. Women who had ever worked for the military or any other sort of business, were never allowed any legitimate jobs, they were seen as sex toys or were only allowed to be a serve the other workers. (Document 1) After Castro’s revolution, women were allowed to work during the day and go to school at night. (Document 4) Before the revolution women never had full equality. (Document 5) They were always obligated to their husbands and families, and were only taught household chores. After Castro’s rule, women then gained full equality in their homes. Day care centers were developed in order for women to go to work and the new Cuban family code guaranteed full equality to every women. (Document 7) Women oppression was significantly changed and improved after Castro’s revolution in Cuba.
After the Cuban Revolution, many job opportunities opened up for women and they were also more involved in politics. After Castro’s revolution many women were able to receive jobs, and by the 1980’s, the percentage of women working significantly increased. (Document 8) Also, many women began to participate in the government and with politics. By the 1984, the percentage of women’s participation in government also significantly increased. (Document 9) Also, once women began to work, they were more happy and joyful, especially after learning many new working techniques. (Document 2) Before women were granted the right to jobs, they were responsible for all of the household chores. (Document 6) Even though women were more involved in the work force, men weren’t as involved in the family and home lifestyle. Men did not fulfil their full responsibility as a co parent of the family and did not share the responsibility with their wives. Full time working women were still completely responsible for the children and the household chores. (Document 10)


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