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We often overlook the true meaning of a message that a company wants us as the viewers to understand. The details of advertising can go unannounced until someone actually points them out. Even simple things such as colors, words, shapes and symbols can make an impact on the viewer. There are other aspects involving the environment such as music, lighting, camera angle or even how many times the video flashes between different cameras. All of these we may not realize at first and just focus on the main points of the commercial. We truly take for granted the details that layout the tone of the advertisement and what the publisher is trying to convey. Sometimes what we think is the message, ends up being the complete opposite of what the company or group was trying to get across. Advertising’s main concepts are not those that appear at first glance while you’re watching TV on your couch, they are the further studies done when you’re looking for particular things.
In 1992, the best basketball player to walk this Earth was in the prime of his career with the Chicago Bulls. Michael Jordan was already a huge figure for Nike and had already established his own line of shoes and clothing with the iconic “jumpman” logo, Jordan Brand. With this big of a name you could almost get any company to sign on to an advertising scheme and call it day. But one of the first companies to break ground with Michael was Gatorade. Created at the University of Florida for the football team by doctors and named after the team mascot of a Gator, Gatorade was a hip new drink that replenished electrolytes faster than water during physical activity. This was groundbreaking because no other drink had been created especially for athletes to help them perform when they needed it most. The company used orange tops to draw them away from the common crowd and bottles filled with different flavors to allow for a widespread taste sample. Gatorade began to develop an advertisement with Michael to put their name out to more Americans and to kick start a new generation of sports beverage. Developers came up with the slogan “Be Like Mike. Drink Gatorade.” This was a simple, yet powerful phrase that would soon turn many Americans into Gatorade lovers. It was five words that involved an international superstar, Gatorade and the want to be just like him.
The commercial starts off with MJ driving towards the basket and switching from his left hand to his right to make a crisp layup. First and foremost, the ad is brilliant. It starts with an iconic, yet simple layup from Jordan that most have seen before if they’ve ever watched a highlight clip. In the background is an upbeat song that plays behind the video with the first two lines being, “Sometimes I dream, that he is me”. That’s the first punch of the ad, if you will. It’s where the want to like this superstar begins. After the layup it flashes to video of him laughing and smiling on the bench. These quick camera flashes do a lot...


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1309 words - 6 pages : 1 (1999): 92-107. Mamat, Maharam. “Effects of Parenting Style on Children Development.” ​World Journal of Social Sciences ​1: 2 (2011): 14-35. Smith, Joshua. “The Structural Relationship of Parenting Style, Creative Personality, and Loneliness.” ​Creativity Research Journal ​20: 4 (2008): 412-419. Miller, Angie L. “Parenting Style, Perfectionism, and Creativity in High Ability and High Achieving Young Adults.” ​Journal for the Education of the Gifted ​35: 4 (2012): 344-365.

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