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Palestine Essay

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Palestine Palestine is a place rich in culture and nationalism, but has a tragic history. Palestine was once a great country that demanded respect at all levels, but after World War II this country was crushed to make way for Israel. Thousands of Palestinians were uprooted and were sent to refugee camps in Jordan, Lebanon, and else ware to make room for Jews that were pouring out of Europe after WWII. Palestine should be granted ...view middle of the document...

Yasser Arafat is a great man that lived through this upheaval and simply wants what is rightfully his. I say he is a great man because like Cesar Chavez both men fought and are fighting for the rights of their people and what they are entitled too. He has been labeled by Israel as man that supports terrorism which is not so because they are combating an enemy (Israel) that has taken their land, destroyed families, and is killing his people. Israel claims to be the victim, but the Palestinian people are the real victims because they have done no wrong and have been robbed of their livelihoods. Palestinians have been held hostage by Israel since 1962 on a small plot of land which is not even suitable for animals. Palestinians are limited in their rights and are under constant threat by Israel.Palestine is forbidden to maintain an army and depend on militias to help them combat the enemy. Israel considers HAMAS and The Islamic Jihad terrorists organizations because those two groups refuse to lie down and allow Israel to trample on their rights as human beings. I hope that some day Palestine will once again become a great nation and flourish like Mexico after expelling the French from their territories.

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