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Palestine Palestine is a place rich in culture and nationalism, but has a tragic history. Palestine was once a great country that demanded respect at all levels, but after World War II this country was crushed to make way for Israel. Thousands of Palestinians were uprooted and were sent to refugee camps in Jordan, Lebanon, and else ware to make room for Jews that were pouring out of Europe after WWII. Palestine should be granted sovereignty and all its territories returned because what the United Nations did to them is out right appalling.Yasser Arafat is a great man that lived through this upheaval and simply wants what is rightfully his. I say he is a great man because like Cesar Chavez both men fought and are fighting for the rights of their people and what they are entitled too. He has been labeled by Israel as man that supports terrorism which is not so because they are combating an enemy (Israel) that has taken their land, destroyed families, and is killing his people. Israel claims to be the victim, but the Palestinian people are the real victims because they have done no wrong and have been robbed of their livelihoods. Palestinians have been held hostage by Israel since 1962 on a small plot of land which is not even suitable for animals. Palestinians are limited in their rights and are under constant threat by Israel.Palestine is forbidden to maintain an army and depend on militias to help them combat the enemy. Israel considers HAMAS and The Islamic Jihad terrorists organizations because those two groups refuse to lie down and allow Israel to trample on their rights as human beings. I hope that some day Palestine will once again become a great nation and flourish like Mexico after expelling the French from their territories.


Were The Promises And Agreements Made Between The Arabs, French, And British During The First World War Which Led To The Formation Of The Middle East Compatible?

2355 words - 10 pages intricate examination of these agreements made primarily between the British and the Arabs. Agreements, which were oddly, due in part to their vagueness, clothed in verbose rhetoric and in part due to British perspicacity and Arab gullibility were almost perfectly in concordance in their promises, stipulations, and pretensions yet in utter irreconcilable conflict in their visions. Only Palestine, the illegitimate son of the peace deal, lies

Israeli/Palestinian Conflict in the 1930's - UMBC/Israel Studies - Essay

865 words - 4 pages , land purchase, and fear of domination. The Jews, on the other hand, were largely dissatisfied with the incompetency of the British to keep the peace. The result of the commission was in favor of the Palestinians, it recognized the impact of Zionist immigration and land purchase, and even mentioned resuming discussions of establishing a self-governing institution in Palestine. Clearly this would greatly anger the Zionists, however none of the


899 words - 4 pages Free Palestine and initiate the Crusades last until 1291 (even after empire collapses) Social - Bedouin = pastoral nomads, kin-related clans instrumental in spreading Islam -Non-Arab Muslims had fewer rights than Arab Muslims -Muslim Arabs were first class, in the military, and shared the conquest booty -Mawali = Muslim Converts -greater portion of the population = dhimmis (People of the Book  Christians, Jews) -The emergence of Islam preached equality

Assignment On Resource Shortage

1563 words - 7 pages Middle East, and is shared with Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, and Palestine. Although the Jordan basin extends into five countries, approximately 80 percent of it is located in Israel, Jordan, and the West Bank. Currently the water demand is adequate for the naturally refilled provisions of fresh water, with the difference being fabricated by ground water over-pumping and waste water retrieval. The water interdependence between the mentioned countries is

New kingdom egypt Assignment

510 words - 3 pages . He was famed and much appreciated by the Egyptian people for his military exploits. Ahmose. After becoming Pharaoh he fought in the final battle to expel the Hyksos from Egypt. He then followed the Hyksos to Palestine where he defeated them which marked the beginning of the New Kingdom. Ahmose led campaigns to solidify the border in Syria in order to keep out a possible invasion from Nubia. Among the many other things he did, Ahmose may be best known for starting many building projects such as temples. Therefore one can safely say that Amenhotep 1 had a crucial role in Egypt, but other pharaohs such as Ahmose also had essential roles and importance.

Assignment On Einstein Background and Biography

1837 words - 8 pages believed that socialism would help the world achieve peace.Einstein received the Nobel Prize for Physics in 1922. He gave all the money to his ex-wife and children to helpwith their lives and education. After another lecture tour, he visited Palestine for the opening the HebrewUniversity in Jerusalem. He also talked about the possibilities that Palestine held for the Jewish people. Upon hisreturn he began to enjoy a calmer life in which he returned to

World History

2214 words - 9 pages Free emergence of the states of Turkey, Syria, Iraq, Jordan, and Palestine.• Conflicting promises made by the British to both Arabs and Jews concerning Palestine set the stage for an enduring struggle over that ancient and holy land.• Millions of colonial subjects who had participated in the war had gained new military skills and political awareness and returned home with less respect for their rulers and with expectations for better treatment as a

Saint Basil as a reformer of monastic tradition - Religion - Research Paper

1971 words - 8 pages roused from deep sleep, I turned my eyes to the marvelous light of the truth of the Gospel, and I perceived the uselessness of ‘the wisdom of the princes of this world, that come to naught.’… And I prayed that I might find some one of the brethren who had chosen this way of life, that with him I might cross lives short and troubled strait. And many did I find in Alexandria, and many in the rest of Egypt, and others in Palestine, and in Syria, and

A Blind Eye to Evil; Historical Degredation of Jews - History 118 - Essay

1133 words - 5 pages . Britain initially did not aid the Jews because they feared the result would be an influx of refugees into Palestine. As time progressed and the death toll rose, Britain's efforts to "hide" the truth, or keep it secret, also intensified. Roberts revealed their knowledge of the implementation of the "Final Solution" evidenced by massive Jewish deaths Wingate 4 dated back to 1942. (Rogers 96). The details that helped achieve such barbarity included

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1226 words - 5 pages to increase. Tens of thousands of German Jews began searching for ways to flee Germany. During this period, many countries had implemented immigration quotas which made leaving Germany, especially as a Jewish citizen, extremely difficult. The United States had shut its gates, claiming that their immigration quota for Eastern Europeans had long been filled. The Jewish people of Germany had nowhere to escape, even Palestine which was under British

The Threat Of Terrorism For Australia

1675 words - 7 pages legitimate way of life - often involving the right to bear arms and stockpile weapons. A potential problem area for the future is the single-issue groups, which may have violent extremists elements. Such issues include right to life, environmental protection and animal rights.1968 marked the beginning of modern international terrorism, when the popular front for the Liberation of Palestine hijacked an El Al Boeing 707 en route from Rome to Tel

Ancient History Assessment Task: The Reign Of King Thutmose III

1645 words - 7 pages revenue earned by Thutmose, the Egyptian empire would most proberly not have succeeded in becoming the ancient superpower that it was.BibliographyBook:Brooks, Lester. Great Civilizations of Ancient Africa. New York: Four Winds Press, 1971.Gregory, Howard. Pharaohs of Antiquity. London: Penguin, 1975.Redford, Donald B. The Wars in Syria and Palestine of Thutmose III. Boston: Brill Academic Publishers, 2003.Internet Site:Ampim, Manu. "Thutmose III

Terrorism And the different strategies - Terrorism 365 - essay

1419 words - 6 pages Palestinian territory, to then the partitions into separating the two states, to all the Arab-Israeli wars helped culminate the possibility of a national-separatist Islamic group. Hamas, an acronym for the Islamic Resistance Movement, was created to establish an Islamic society in historic Palestine once again, be freed of Israeli occupation and destroying the Israeli state (Tharoor). The more immediate goal is ladder. Hamas has a narrow targeted

Documentary film and liberal arts discussion - Colorado State University/ Documentary film as a liberal art - Essay

1644 words - 7 pages and their development. The culture around street art is that the more and more an artists work is noticed, the more valuable it is considered to be. As Banksy was displaying his art seemingly everywhere, everyone started to wonder who this guy was. Especially after the time he plastered his works on the West Bank Wall during the heated controversy in Palestine. Everyone wanted to know who the infamous Banksy was and what his motives were and what

Ancient Civilization

6856 words - 28 pages expeditions traveled to Palestine, Syria, and the island of Crete in the Mediterranean Power of nobles and priests grew again and weakened the pharaohs rule. FOREIGN DYNASTY RULES EGYPT Hyksos - "Princess from Foreign Lands" - had horses, chariots, bronze swords, daggers, heavy bows - these weapons helped them gain power and establish a dynasty EGYPT EXPANDS DURING THE NEW KINGDOM Aggressive pharaohs built an empire