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In the 21st century alone, technology has made our lives drastically easier. It has
helped us broaden traditional boundaries we typically put around the notion of families.
One of the newest trends of reproduction is a little something called surrogacy.
Surrogacy is when a women cannot physically bear a child, so she hires a women to do
it for her. So often, the childless couple is a wealthy western family. They are often
driven by the high prices of their homeland and opt to traveling to second and third
world countries where the price of living is much less, and the legal environment is
much more welcoming, to find their perfect surrogate. For this reason, this type of
surrogacy is called outsourced pregnancies, or fertility tourism. This industry is
absolutely booming. India is especially popping with this new trend. Clinics have
recently popped up all over the country and many impoverished women are more than
happy to sign up for surrogacy because they know the substantial amount of money that
they are more than likely to receive from surrogating for an infertile women, they know
that this amount of money will change their circumstance, so they sign up without a
second thought.
The global surrogacy industry should be recognized for changing the lives of so many.
It has an overwhelmingly positive impact on this world. Not only does it help people who
cannot carry their own children, it injects money that impoverished people so
desperately need. There are however, people who oppose to the industry. They feel
that men should control women and their reproductive capabilities. This comparison is
one in which completely misunderstands what's really going on. Rather than oppressing
women, surrogacy gives women the option to act...

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