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Super Hero Movie Assignment
The “Super Hero” Movie genre is one that’s been an integral part of Americas culture and history. Some of the United States most identifiable heroes of culture are in fact super heroes. They are a staple of many decades, from Spiderman to Batman. Over time however, these visual depictions seem to have lost their way, and they are losing the traction they once had. Seems most outgrow them as they grow up and mature, but some still are fascinated by the genre.
My favorite super hero movie if I had to choose one would probably be something Hancock, something that isn’t a direct spin from a popular comic book or tv series. Those to me, just seem overdone at this point. Hancock has something (such as flying/jumping at will) that isn’t humanly possible but at the same time it doesn’t seem so predictable like a Captain America or Avengers movie normally are. It all depends on the overall storyline for me in these types of movies, if it’s somewhat believable as far as applying to real life, it can be an alright movie genre. Alternatively, if the movie is just a regurgitated version of the others, they put out every few months, it becomes one of my least favorite movie genres. It’s extremely hit or miss.
As I mentioned above, my least favorite movies in this genre are the DC/Marvel remakes that he huge production companies put out in mass as of late. Movies like “Avengers” “Captain America” or any X-Men spinoff. They try and lack up for the storyline and actual content by pumping high grade CGI into the film and make it appear better, visually. The stories in this ...


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