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Paper On Sport And Facility Management

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FROM JOE CAMEL TO HIP, FIT GIRLS! In this article they talk about athletes and adolescent smoking, how cool it is to smoke or is it? The notorious Joe Camel demonstrates how cool and popular he is by smoking. The United States Women's Soccer Team, the National Cancer Institute, the Centers for Disease Control, and the United States Surgeon General got together to fight Joe Camel using the athletes. Some of the athletes were the U.S. soccer stars Shannon MacMillan, Tiffany Millbrett, Lori Fair, and Danielle Slaton. These athletes tried to demonstrate that soccer was "the perfect antidote to teen smoking" (p 336). Donna Shalala used the 1996 Olympics in Atlanta, Georgia as the event to launch the antismoking campaign. Shalala was the secretary of health and ...view middle of the document... Roddy Reid, California's antismoking campaign, labeled smokers as "isolated individuals, postmenopausal women or postclimacteric men, shapeless members of the working class, French nationals, the genetically deficient, addicts, serial killers, gangsters, and in a more humorous vein, farting cows" (p. 337)(p. 136). His analysis of smokers is not truthful it was meant to scare children but the only thing it did was label and aggravate people.In this tobacco war it led to tobacco companies not being able to advertise like they use to be able to, for example no more Joe Camel, nor pretty women half dressed smoking a cigarette.This SmokeFree campaign was intended to do well for mankind which I am all for, but some of their tactics in my opinion were not appropriate. Tobacco companies shouldn't target adolescents but smokers shouldn't be labeled as poor individuals. In some cases the campaign leaders were using the athletes in the same demonstration as the Tobacco Company was using Joe Camel. All in all using the U.S. Olympics was an excellent source to let minors know that athletics is a good way to stay out of trouble.REFERENCESCole, C.L., Geissler, D., Giardina, M., & Metz, J. (2001, August). McPoweringAdolescence: Consuming girls' sports in Disney's America. Paper presented at theAnnual meeting of the American sociological association, Anaheim, CA.Glantz, S.A., & Balbach E.D. (2000). Tobacco War: Inside the California battles.Berkeley: University of California Press.Journal of Sport & Social Issues, Volume 25, No. 4, November 2001, pp. 335-3382001 Sage Publications.

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