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War to end all wars
World War 2 was labeled to be the war to end all wars. The war began in 1939 and finally ended in 1945. It began because of the Treaty of Versailles the Germans believed it was unfair for the destruction of WW1. WW2 was mostly fought in Asia and Europe but without leaving many homes demolished. There were two sides of the war the Axis and the Allied power. America again planed to stay out of the war but finally they were persuaded into going.
The first few years of WW2 the Axis dominated over the Allied powers. The Axis power consisted of three extremely powerful dictators, Hitler, Mussolini, and Stalin. On August first, 1939 Hitler and Stalin invaded Poland making a blitzkrieg or lightning war. “Lightning war consisted of tank planes and soldiers to attack all at the same time.” (Colton 184). The spring of 1940 brought the fall of Norway, Denmark, Netherlands, and Belgium. But on June 22, 1940, was finally the fall of France. To overtake France, Hitler invade from the south as Mussolini invaded from the north. Finally, after months they took over. Hitler and Mussolini were by far the most destructive dictators to take over Europe.
Adolf Hitler’s final target was to take over Great Britain. Beginning in early July, the bombing over Great Britain began, properly named the “Battle of Britain”. (Nelson). German troops and bombers came into the harbor in planes named Luftwaffe and they hoped to scare Britain into giving up their land.
But they fought back by hiding during air raids and by the Royal Air Force (RAF) shooting down the Germans. Great Britain requested help from the U.S., but the U.S. wanted to stay out of this war. So, in response they sent food and money to help. Finally, after 57 nights of 160 bombers bombarding their buildings the RAF drove the Luftwaffe out of the harbor. This gave them a small victory but a lot of hope.
From taking over Western Europe, to bombing Great Britain, what could you do that is worse. Well how about kill 17 million innocent people. He did just that so he could make a so-called perfect race of blond hair, blue eyed people. (American History). Hitler thought Jews, Gypsies, Slavs, disabled, and gays were horrid people and planned to obliterate them. He made ghettos and concentration camps for these people. Their homes in these areas were dilapidated and they had to do arduous work all day. He also made many of the Jews wear the star of David so people would know who the Jewish people were. After he started killing them many went into hiding or left the country. One of the most famous concentration camps was Auschwitz, over half of the Jewish race was killed here.
Their methods of killing were either getting shot, sick, burning, and experiments. These were the good ways to be killed. They also did gas and boiling water. So many innocent people died in the hands of Hitler for no reason.
Japan wanted to take over Southeast Asia. Japan was becoming more aggressive...

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