Paper Written About A Good Movie And How It Applies To Life Uw Platteville College Writing 2 Essay

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Marshall Coalson
Colin Lessig
College Writing II
February 27th 2018
Proposal Assignment
The movie I chose to write about is Dallas Buyers Club because it was one of the first movies to show a true and full depiction of what it was like going through live with AIDS before anyone really knew how to handle it or what it actually was. This movie was up for 166 awards and won 84, of these consisted three Oscars and two Golden Globes. This movie talks about LGBTQ issues, drugs and their correlation with stress and depression, the FDA’s struggle with finding a solution, the underground or hidden treatment methods, the infiltration of imported medicine from all around the world, the voiding of human rights, and even covers the misconceptions of AIDS. With all these great topics to elaborate on, I feel it is necessary to show how the FDA could’ve handle the situation better and how different methods could’ve been put into to place rather than just letting others die. Working Thesis Statement: While people like Ron Woodroof from Dallas Buyers Club are out incriminating themselves to get healthy, the FDA’s hand in the situation was not in action when it should’ve had a major play in how to handle this massive epidemic.
Annotated Bibliography
Biswas, Md. Haider Ali. “AIDS Epidemic Worldwide.” Elsevier, 29 Aug. 2012, pp. 1-8
This article is fairly long with extensive amount of detail, but in simple terms this article talks about how still in today’s situation, it may not seem like a major epidemic but for those living with AIDS it is still a constant battle with the FDA to find a drug that will help cure the disease and/or prevent the disease from spreading to others.
Dallas Buyers Club. Dir. Jean-Marc Vallée. Per. Matthew McConaughey. Entertainmentone. 2013. Film.
This movie is set in 1985, when a Dallas electrician and life-gambler, Ron Woodroof, finds out he has AIDS and has thirty days to live. Throughout the movie he battles with the FDA to try and figure out a way of curing and slowing the AIDS death. He ends up opening a club that will provide others battling AIDS with underground methods of helping with AIDS called the Dallas Buyers Club.
Grov, Christian, et al. “Loneliness and HIV-Related Stigma.” AIDS Care, vol. 22, no. 5, 5 May
2010, pp. 1-11.
In this article, it shows how many people would’ve liked to found a cure by now so they can get rid of this lonely lifestyle they have been living for an extremely long time. It goes on to talk about how most AID infected people go on to fight this battle on their own because the people around them don’t want to catch the disease relatively known for homosexuals.
Jaffe Harold W. “The Early Days of the HIV-A...


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