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Parent Essay

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Parenting: In reality, parenting doesn't have an age limitAs the society is burgeoning, people are becoming more sexually interactive, which leads them to become young parents. Teen pregnancy statistics show that about 820,000 teens become pregnant each year; it means that 34 percent of teenagers have at least one pregnancy before they turn 20. There are also people in the world who wait for the right time to start a family; those types of people are usually people who marry at an older age. Articles show that older people truly love being parents at an older age and they believe that being a parent at an older age is actually helping the world by them providing useful knowledge to their ...view middle of the document...

They technically become their grandchildren's parents, providing them with love and support. Although they are both old, in their 60s-70s, they both feel like they are doing the right thing by taking Amy's place as her children's "parents". His wife, Ginny said:I think my whole life has led up to this moment, she tells me. When Carl was born, I felt I was coming into my own, to be a mother. It's what I love to do. I know who I am…I'm comfortable doing this. (Rosenblatt 37-38)Rosenblatt quotes his wife's comments about being a parent in his book to provide an insight that parents need to love being parents, and that it doesn't matter what age they are as long as they are able to be pleased about their commitment to their duty as parents.Another factor is when parents leave their child behind, causing her/him to become an orphan. Most likely, people who adopt these orphans are all different ages. They usually adopt these children when they are unable to have children of their own. Before these parents could adopt the children, they get background checks and questions to determine if they would be loving parents. Rosenblatt talked about a similar situation in his book:He had been born prematurely with multiple developmental problems…The child had been neglected by his mother, but his foster mother, whom Amy respected,had been diligent about checkups…She took it very hard when the child died. She had a great sixth sense, but she thought it had failed her. She blamed herself. (Rosenblatt 79)Rosenblatt is making a point here in which parents must be responsible for their child no matter what situation they are in, hence the foster mom blaming herself on her child's death. He also pointed out that foster moms need to be caring by including that fact that Amy respected the lady.Moreover, according to an article from Herald Sun News, older parents get benefits. Associate professor Catherine McMahon from the Centre for Emotional Health found that older mothers were more spirited, reported their partner as being less controlling, and had less anxiety and depression during pregnancy. She also stated that "Parenting is difficult and challenging and requires ongoing problem solving. Due to greater life experience, older parents may be more able to respond flexibly to these challenges."(Baker) Most people tend to think that as they become older, they won't be able to have enough energy to take care of children, but these benefits listed by Dr. McMahon proves them wrong. Moms were also interviewed about this topic and a lady name Marella Jackman agreed with Dr. McMahon's point. She stated that "I have more patience as an older mum."(Baker) It's the quality of parenting, rather than age that influences the children to become successful.In another source, Rick Parfitt and Lyndsay Parfitt also love being older parents. Rick said "I thoroughly recommend late fatherhood. It's put a spring in my step. No doubt there will be some people who...

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