Parent Versus Celebrity Influences On People English Essay

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Parent Versus Celebrity Influences on People
Have you ever wanted to look and be just like a celebrity? A lot of teens and young adults do. Today's technology allows social media to’ be easily accessible to young children, allowing for celebrities to play a major part in influencing children’s behavior, when most believe it’s the parents job to influence a child’s behavior.
Celebrities can be a negative role model for teens when it comes to social status, but a parent raises their child and teaches them from the day they were born right from wrong. Teens and young adults look to celebrities for the latest trending style and fashion. Natalie Roytman stated that “celebrities happen to be one of the highest influences of modern fashion”. Celebrities influence and shape trends because the younger generation sees their flawless skin, perfect bodies, and designer clothes being publicized every day on social media, and they want to imitate and become as “perfect” as they think their ideals are. These children begin to become so caught up in the superficial lifestyle of what social media is, and a lot of times they find themselves posting things, just for the facade of it all. Most teens, especially girls, wants to be popular and fit in, to do this, they look up to what they see on social media and they think by wearing overpriced makeup and expensive clothes, other girls accept them.
Similarly, teens think being unhealthily skinny will make them more attractive. Celebrities almost promote teens to think that it is okay do start unhealthy eating habits like when Kim Kardashian expressed joy when her sisters called her “anorexic”. Kim Kardashian has a...

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