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Parenting Styles 1
Parenting Styles Used in The Media
Kiarah Souffront
Eastern Connecticut State University
November 30, 2018
There are a few kinds of parenting styles that have been shown throughout our course and as I watched the media I could see the it is correctly used in the film it has a role in society, and it is represented from each child and their parent. After all parenting styles are overall a climate of parent and child interactions Darling and Steinberg (1993).
Throughout the semester we have talked about many topics one that caught my eye was the chapter 8 in parenting styles, I was able to relate to one of them and understood the dimensions of parenting styles the four that are used which are authoritative, authoritarian, permissive, and neglectful. I believe that there are concepts that illustrate the topic in the media in the film Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory there are five children in total and out of the four there is one that is not a brat at all. I think that the media does correctly uses an example of parenting styles correctly based upon what I watched in the movie.
The example of permissive parenting style from Veruca Salt’s parent who are billionaires and spoil her, she demands her father to buy a golden egg from one of Wonka's ducks, as soon as her father tries to explain as to why she cannot have the egg she threatens him and becomes demanding from our research we have that being a permissive parent can be a parent that have little or no attempt to discipline child or does not have much structure. Instead of discipling Veruca for her bad behavior her parents spoil her and enable her bratty behavior by buying her the ticket to get into the factory.
There is another child that shows that he has a permissive parent Augustus he shows that his parent let him do what he wants he eats uncontrollably and his parents allow it, they give him whatever he wants to eat all the time they nurture him and love him but use food to show that. He is very greedy and does not share, and from what our class has learned about these styles is that a permissive parent also use bribery and his would be food.
Furthermore next character that shows another parenting style is Violet her parents are authoritarian she is very competitive, once she won the ticket she was broadcasted on TV and her father was interviewed about her daughter but made it about himself and his auto dealership which he was showing his aggressive and demanding characteristics which also show off on Violet when she chooses to brag about her beating her friends chewing gum contest and setting a new world record based on what we discussed this semester an authoritarian is a demanding parent and Violets father shows that he is demanding and is worried about his needs and less about Violet’s needs. Mike’s parents are shown to be the neglectful parents they let him sit in front of the TV and are not worried about the violent shows...


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