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Passion For Writing Essay

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Passion for a subject makes for easy writing. There is nothing more satisfying than writing about a familiar subject that causes the words to flow faster from the mind than they can be written down. It is these moments in life that give writing a tangible zest and the writer an overwhelming feeling of ...view middle of the document...

" His quote was basically saying that if a writer writes out of familiarity and has passion for his subject he will write easily as long as his subject is within the range of his abilities. This is a true statement, because it is almost impossible for a writer to write effectively about a subject that he knows little or nothing about. Likewise, a writer cannot effectively write about something that he may feel passionately for and know a lot about, but cannot put into words. It is a rare writer who has the ability to make the uninteresting into the interesting. If a subject is boring to a writer it will also be boring to the listener. Likewise, a writer who has an interest in his subject can bring an uninteresting subject to life.

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