Patriarchy In Little Women Essay

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"It has made me worship you more then ever."(Hawthorne366) These are the words women used to speak in America. Not only did they worship men but they could not even do the same things as the men they loved and worshiped. This is because by a patriarchy in America that has existed for years and some may still say exists now. Patriarchy is defined by Webster's New World Dictionary as "social organization marked by the supremacy of the father in the clan or family, the legal dependence of wives and children, and the reckoning of descent and inheritance in the male line; broadly: control by men of a disproportionately large share of power." So basically men control the population and women m ...view middle of the document...

By the sound of her voice it is obvious that drinking alcohol is frowned upon.For a woman to be outside enjoying herself is not a normal occurrence in the patriarchy. This is exemplified when a male neighbor of the girls tells their mother that her girls are "unusually active." He is obviously hinting that women should stay in there house and their business should not be disturbed. Men are also taught not to bother women when they are in the house and they must not speak of what goes on in the house. One more thing that should not be spoken of is anything that has to do with a women's body, like a pregnancy. A pregnancy should not be spoken about because it is not something a man should worry about after all, men can not get pregnant. With all of this in mind it is hard to believe that women actually lived in this society, compared to how women are today.The women in Little Women believe they have their own society and that the men are the strange ones, or the outcasts. In this society women believe that they should vote not because they are good but because there opinion matters and they are human just like men. Men tend to disagree with this statement and say that if women did vote it would be because they are good. One more major thing that happens in a patriarchy is the fact that in order for most of women's writings had to be published under a man's name, otherwise they would not sell very many copies.In the short story "The Birthmark" by Nathaniel Hawthorne there is a patriarchy described but it differs a little bit from the patriarchy in Little Women. For example, in "The Birthmark" Aylmer, a successful scientist has a perfect wife. While she is perfect through everybody else's eyes except his, she has a very tiny birthmark on one of her cheeks in the form of a hand. Some people say the print is from a fairy that touched her when she was born making her so beautif...


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1526 words - 7 pages Free are largely excluded. Although in this modern day and age women are becoming a larger part in governing societies they are still being viewed as the lesser gender in terms of power. The notion of the patriarchy has been instilled into the very fabric of society as women are still only just gaining rights that men have enjoyed for centuries. It was only in 2009 in America, women were able to file a complaint in regards to unequal pay discrepancies

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766 words - 4 pages EHOXHAJ How is patriarchy shown in Wide Sargasso Sea? First we must recognize the meaning of the word patriarchy and how it works. As an anthropological definition of patriarchy, we understand that it is the idea that men tend to dominate in society through their positions of power; we know the majority of higher economic, political,industrial,financial,religious and social positions are governed by men. The subjection of women to male authority

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632 words - 3 pages Free suffice for women because they then lack agency and recognition as women. Wittig views women as a group that has been naturalized. It is a socially constructed concept that is used as a tool for domination in a hierarchy of power. This dichotomy is rooted in heteronormativity, and the patriarchy grounds gender in biology. Women are therefore those with female biology and feminine qualities. Wittig desires the destruction of this binary and claims

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1826 words - 8 pages Free Hammond Mary Hammond Advanced Literature 11 Ms. Tuke 16 March 2018 Liberation From Sexism and Patriarchy in The Color Purple From the earliest of civilized societies, both, men and women have had separated roles in society. Oftentimes it is the man who is placed as the head of the household, leader of a community, or ruler of a nation. In relation, women are often given the household duties, such as, raising and educating children, cooking

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2045 words - 9 pages are both victims to the patriarchy of society, where they play puppets trying to figure out how to survive in a system that oppresses them based on their immigration status and their race. They both conform to the gendered stereotypes of being masculine and feminine as well. Daisy’s father is known for having a temper and the tendency to be violent. When Daisy seeks help from women who claim they know how the world works, Daisy says, “the women

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9063 words - 37 pages Free is highly visible, his women are virtually inconsequential.In Of Woman Born (1977), Adrienne Rich unwittingly captures all the nuances of the African traditional social milieu when she describes patriarchy as:the power of the fathers: a familial, social, ideological, and political system in which, by direct pressure -- or through tradition, law and language, customs, etiquette, education, and division of labor -- men determine what parts women

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1223 words - 5 pages self-expression, and oppression by the patriarchy propel the institution of female subservience. First of all, the rest cure is a cruel and unsuccessful treatment for hysteria and other nervous illnesses that nineteenth century doctors believe affect women in particular. John imposes the rest cure on the narrator, which he believes will have positive effects. He makes her “lie down ever so much…[and] says it is good for [her]…to sleep all [she

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1801 words - 8 pages put her back behind the wallpaper. The narrator personally ends her subordinate position in an extreme way; at the same time, the patriarchy collapses along with the fall of John while the narrator stands up with the hard-won triumph. Quiet and demure, the passive women were too frail and timid for the boisterous world of the public sphere, they were best suited for their natural domain, the private, domestic sphere of home and family (Hogan 3). In

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2004 words - 9 pages tiaras, the Prince Charming, the Glitter and the sparkle, resulted in many parents watching their little girl embrace the Disney princess way of life, and struggle with the contradictory messages found in many of the films. Disney princesses have often come under attack for promoting harmful, unrealistic body types and the narrow ideal of marriage as being the happiest of endings for young women. Viewed through this lens, the postmodern

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399 words - 2 pages , religion and economic status, and forces the majority of the world's women into situations of double or triple marginalization.The combined effects of racism and gender discrimination on migrant, immigrant, indigenous, minority and marginalized women, in particular, around the world has had devastating consequences for their full enjoyment of equality and fundamental human rights in both the public and private spheres. Because discrimination based

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2072 words - 9 pages larger barrier to her freedom than men are, it is evident that Esther’s mental state is merely a byproduct of both the patriarchy in general and the man that has haunted her ever since his death: her father. It could be argued, however, that the passive women of the novel and of the 1950’s in general, are Esther’s largest barrier to freedom. Plagued with internalised misogyny these female figures majorly curtail Esther’s freedom: Her mother, Dodo

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975 words - 4 pages decisions throughout her life. She is characterized as being a very unconventional female character of the Victorian era because of her strong regard for justice and independence. Through an illustration of setting, symbolism, plot and characterization, Brontë demonstrates that Jane’s principles are not sacrificed for romantic love. Jane overcomes the confines of social hierarchy, patriarchy, and imprisonment in the “Red Room”, and proves that

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975 words - 4 pages decisions throughout her life. She is characterized as being a very unconventional female character of the Victorian era because of her strong regard for justice and independence. Through an illustration of setting, symbolism, plot and characterization, Brontë demonstrates that Jane’s principles are not sacrificed for romantic love. Jane overcomes the confines of social hierarchy, patriarchy, and imprisonment in the “Red Room”, and proves that

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1580 words - 7 pages crucial in the Bad Romance video because it allows Lady Gaga to play the all of the versions of herself. She plays her dominating side and vulnerable side. In conclusion, Lady Gaga uses plot, camera angles, lyrics, and costuming to reclaim the second wave feminist ideals of sexual objectification of women. She acknowledges the objectification, who is doing it (the men bidding on her, representing the patriarchy), and takes her own image back. In