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Colleen CawthonTenczar- Period #1DatePatsy ClinePatsy Cline became a very influential person to many women and men alike. Because of her hard work and dedication, she cracked open music's soul. Patsy opened the way for women in the country music industry through her struggle to the top, her first top hit "Walkin' After Midnight", and becoming a well known country music legend.Everyone needs a starting point in order to become anyone in life. Patsy Cline is no exception. Patsy grew up in Winchester, Virginia as Virginia Patterson Hensley. She sang in her church's choir at the tender age of eight. Patsy started to sing at nightclubs with Bill Peer and his Melody Boys in 1948 ("Patsy Cline ...view middle of the document...

She had to face many obstacles that stood in her path. This included the difficulty of breaking through the wall of the music industry as well as the gender barrier within the country music genre. A contract didn't come to Cline right away but that didn't deter her away from her dream. She took up another job until she got another opportunity to make her debut. Through Cline's struggle in finding a break through she proved that dedication to something you love can overcome even the toughest obstacles.On November 8, 1956 Patsy recorded "Walkin After Midnight", but the song didn't get much attention until her appearance on "Godfreys Talent Show" ("Patsy Cline" 110-112). The audience immediately took a liking to the new rendition of "Walkin after Midnight". It became third single on "Billboards" country music chart and then rose to be seventeenth on pop music charts ("Patsy Cline" 110-112). This song was used to connect Patsy to country as well as pop music viewers. Everyone knew the name Patsy Cline now.Patsy Cline had a rough career launch, but she quickly became the girl to look at. She was a regular cast member of the Grand Ole Opry. This in itself was enough to know that Patsy was becoming a major star. Her success of "Walkin after Midnight" was closely followed on the charts by "I Fall to Pieces" and "Crazy". Patsy was able to expand her use of new material due to the release of her contract with the restrictive Four Star Co. She recorded many new songs with her new freedom. Many of those songs made top ten on the music charts. Patsy's...

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