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The state and behaviour of
the health of young people in
Physical Activity 

The state and behaviour of the health of young people in Australia
Aim The aim of this report is to outline the nature and extent of physical activity on
young people today. It will describe the prevalence and trends of the health behaviours
of physical activity. In addition, it will outline three protective and three risk factors of
physical activity that are associated with physical activity. It will also analyse how a young
person’s physical activity levels can be determined by a range of factors and will assess
how much control they have over these determinants. It will also determine the
effectiveness of physical activity health promotion strategies.
Outline the nature of physical activity Physical activity is defined as “any bodily
movement produced by skeletal muscles that require energy expenditure.” (World Health
Organisation, 2018) Physical activity can be done at any level of skill and for enjoyment. It
includes ‘exercise’ (planned, structured and repetitive activity with a fitness goal), sport
(organised with a club or social group), incidental (unplanned such as gardening and
chores) and active play (recreation such as yoga or walking as a means of transport)
Physical inactivity is to a large extent, a major problem for young people today. The
majority of young people today aren’t meeting the daily Australian physical activity levels.
A Victorian health report “92% percent of Australian teenagers are not meeting their
daily physical activity requirements, with most spending upwards of 3 hours a day on
phones and tablet devices.” The ratio of physical activity to screen based activity was 1 to
5. It also showed how physical activity participation halves at around age 15. These
alarming statistics highly encompass the extent of the problem and how young people
are not engaging in regular physical activity.
Describe the prevalence and trends of the health behaviour
The state and behaviour of the health of young people in Australia
Based on this graph published by the
Australian Health Survey: Physical Activity
for 2011-12, the general trend in this data
is that physical activity levels decreased
and screen-based activity (for
entertainment purposes) has increased as
age increased. 5-8 year olds spent an
average of 2 hours engaging in physical
activity while 15-17 year olds only did half
of that (1 hour) Conversely, 15-17 year
olds spent a considerably larger amount
of time engaging in screen based leisure
activity - an average of 3 hours per day.
5-8 year olds only engaged in screen
based leisure for a mere 98 minutes on
average. Physical inactivity is more
prevalent when young people get to the
age of 15-17. Source: Australian Health Survey: Physical Activity 2011-12
Percentage of male and female students in year 6,8 and 10 engaging in more than two
hours of small screen recreation (SSR) a day
The state and behaviour of the health of young...

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