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Key Points
Speeding offences
Other serious driving offences
Dangerous driving causing injury or death
Street or drag racing
Drink Driving
Driving without a licence
Fine defaults
Toll notices
Littering from vehicles
· Driver Knowledge Test, L plate (12 months but valid for 5 years), Driving test, Red P plate (12 months but valid for 18 months), Hazard perception test, Green P plate (24 months but valid for 30 months), Friver qualification test, Full licence. (UNDER 25 YEARS OLD ONLY)
· If you go over speed limit by 30km/h but less than 45km/h you will get a maximum of five demerit points, a large fine and licence suspension for 3 months.
· If you go over speed limit by 45km/h you will get a maximum of six demerit points, a very large fine and licence suspension for at least 6 months.
· Influence of alcohol and drugs
· Refusing to take a breath test
· Driving in a dangerous manner or speed
· Not stopping after hitting a vehicle or person
· You could be imprisoned, face a heavy fine and a period of disqualification if you are involved in a crash due to negligent driving.
· If someone is killed in a crash were you are driving dangerously, you could be imprisoned for up to 10 years.
· If you drive a vehicle to escape police, have alcohol in your system or drive 45 km/h over the maximum limit your maximum penalty could increase up to 4 years.
· If the police suspect you having been involved in racing, they may take possession of your vehicle on spot.
· They may also suspend and confiscate your driver licence at the same time.
· If convicted in court, you will get a large fine and your vehicle can be impounded for 3 months.
· A second conviction can mean your vehicle may be forfeited.
· Under the demerit points scheme, three demerit points apply to the offence of burnout.
· Drink driving penalties are increased according to the level of alcohol detected in blood.
· Include if a licence is inspired, if the wrong class of licence is used, if an overseas licence is used 3 months after becoming a permanent residence.
· If you do not settle a fine within the time allowed, the matter will be referred to the State Debt Recovery Office.
· If an outstanding amount is not paid, your licence will be suspended/cancelled.
· Your suspension will be lifted once you pay the fine.
· Payment tolls is required by law.
· You will be sent a toll notice requesting payment of the toll plus an administration fee.
· If you do not pay Toll Notice, you may be issued with a Penalty Notice.
· Heavy fines may apply when litter is thrown or lost form a vehicle irrespective of the litter deposited.


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