"Peace Like A River" Familial Theme Essay Language Arts 11 Essay

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Chloe Rodriguez
Advanced Language Arts 10
October 17, 2017
Familial Similarities
Davy Land defended his family by shooting two intruders when he was sixteen. By the age of sixteen, my maternal grandmother had moved into her own apartment, held an adequate paying job, and was completely self-reliant. In Peace Like a River, Davy is similar to my grandmother because of their self sufficiency.
Both Davy and my grandmother grew up fast because of their circumstances. “She departed without explanation or epilogue” (Enger 61). Davy grew up with no mother and with a father that he often disagreed with, so he matured at a young age. My grandmother also developed quicker due to poor parental figures. She was the seventh of twelve children, and was treated horribly by her parents and siblings. Because she needed to escape her toxic family environment, she moved out, and got a job at a nursery school when she was sixteen. Both of their maturity can be explained by their childhood and adolescent situations.
Davy and my grandmother did not rely on their parents, and had to create their own path in life. “But the whole thing bothered Davy, and with Dad out of earshot he’d say so. You couldn’t get blown around in a tornado” (Enger 60). It is clear that Jeremiah stopped being a father figure to Davy, and more of a delirious manic to him, a long time ago. Davy doesn’t believe...


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