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Pedagogical Role Of Computers Essay

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Today, the ever improving role of computers and instructional technology have lead us to the controversy of where and when to utilise them efficiently. Since computers occupy most of our lives their application in education is very common. But their intrusion may sometimes result in failure that stems from the lack of peculiar human attributes. Besides computers are always effective in human teaching and learning process in the conditions such as they have information but no authority , they are passive obedient, have no space time constraints and can be ignored when not needed like pedagogues of old times.To begin with, computers have the superiority of having large amounts of information/knowledge although they have no ...view middle of the document...

For instance the availability of the computer that I use now provided me to access the board and complete my task in the middle of the night. Could it be possible to find a tutor for any sort of information right at that time? What about partially sighted or disabled people? Distance learning may gain the attendance of such people as well as others'.Thirdly, we posses a chance of deserting or ignoring them when we are not pleased with or we don't need them. Any technology or application may be discarted or replaced when the newer versions are available but this sort of treatment is considered as humiliation for a teacher. In addition, their endless patience will allow us to proceed our interrupted work at any time. We can work on a spreadsheet then stop or delete it. Games of great importance that contribute to our language acquisiton or enable us to participate in construction of knowledge actively (Frayer, Dorothy A., L. B. West) do not resist when we try to desert them.Moreover, computers are always passive, ask no questions and obedient. That is to say they force us to be active users. We are complelled to query,search and dig out the information we need. They also obey our commands literally and enable us to use them as an effective tool.Thus we learn to take initiatives and most importantly we learn how to learn.Tu sum up, computers give the best performace when they are used as slaves or tools. The main achievement in this manner is the active participation and initiative of student. While we order computers, we are not exposed only to knowledge but also basic skills of taking efficient instruction. Coping with them carefully and exploiting them consciously can bring about the desired outcomes.

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