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People And Animals Suffering While Americans Enjoy Their Food Southwester College Essay

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Karla D. Corona
Professor Rose
English 115
September 23rd, 2017
People and animals suffering while Americans enjoy their food.
In the united states, there are different ways for people to buy food. You can either buy it from your closest grocery store, you can buy it from your local farms and now you can even buy it online. But have you ever thought of all the things that other people have to do in order for us to be able to have fresh fruits, veggies, or meat? The food industry has a very interesting way of working and after reading this paper, you will find some different processes that all our food has to go through before making it to our plate. In the article, Hardships on Mexico’s Farms, a Bounty for The US Tables by Richard Marosi, it talks about how farm workers from a different country benefit the United States and how they are being treated. Also in the articles, Industrial Farming is One of The Worst Crimes in History by Yuval N. Harari and The Omnivore’s Delusion: Against the Agri-intellectuals by Blake Hurst, they explain how industrial farming has a big impact on animals and our environment and what are the pros and cons of this movement. There are some negatives and some positives but at the end the only objective is to provide more affordable food for the growing population.
The United States of America have a big relationship with the south of the border, Mexico. Mexico has hundreds of farms that work directly with the US to export veggies and fruits.
“The tomatoes, peppers, and cucumbers arrive year-round by the ton, with peel off stickers proclaiming, products of Mexico” (Marosi 1). American consumers get all the veggies they want at affordable prices. Mexican farms employ hundreds of workers who work long hours to make sure American companies have fresh fruit and veggies all year long. Los Angeles Times investigation found that farm laborers are being exploited and living in harsh situations. Farmers work long hours starting at 3 am everyday with little to no food in their stomach. They are trapped for months in rat infested camps with no beds or windows. Toilets often do not work because there is no water supply so they must find places on their own where to do their necessities. The owners of the farms give false promises to people to get them to work for them. They promise to pay them weekly, $8-$12 a day, to serve them three meals a day, and to have a place for them to rest and to live for at least 3 months. They live their family behind promising them to come back with money but that never happens. Instead, they are trapped with false promises, no food, and no money. This poor people cannot even escape because they know that if they do they will lose everything and a lot of them do not have money to go back to their homes. To think that American people are enjoying their food while these people are suffering is just too cruel. Thanks to The Los Angeles investigation we are now getting informed and...

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