People Have Tremendous Influence In Our Lives English Essay

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Claire Joy Famador ENGLISH 10-2 March 12, 2018
What is your opinion of the belief that other people have a tremendous influence on our lives?
The people, places, and things that surround us can have a tremendous influence that changes the directions of the paths in our lives and the decisions we make. The interactions we have in this world can be positive or negative. People or places that influence us positively, lifting our spirits, and feel motivated. Or negative influences that made us feel emotionally drained, leave our self-esteem in shreds, and create an overall feeling of sadness and low self-worth. Both characteristics impact our behavior, personality, and perception towards the things that matter to us. Other people's actions and beliefs also influence major life decision such as how to treat people, what to do and not to do which constrain a person’s way of living. In the study of literature and life experiences, it becomes clear that other people have a tremendous influence on our lives.
In the short story, The Pedestrian, The author Ray Bradbury suggests that the people in the society have changed Mr. Mead's way of living and perception of the world in which he lives. He lives alone with no family and prefers to walk at night in an empty, dark, silent street. "He was alone in this world of A.D. 2053, or as good as alone... Sudden gray phantoms seemed to manifest upon inner room walls where a curtain was still undrawn against the night..." Instead of using technology like everyone else, He would prefer to walk every night by himself. His behaviour shows his longing for human interaction. The new age of technology doesn't give him happiness and satisfaction and that he enjoys preserving the tradition of the...

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