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Perception Vs Reality Essay

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Perception Vs. RealityJazzmine Gibbs10/22/2013MGMT - (11 AM)Perception Vs. RealityBET: The Game1st Commercial:Product Being Sold: ChryslerTarget Audience: Mid 30'sWhat perception are they trying to make reality?They are trying to make it seem that to be hip you need a Chrysler2nd Commercial: Krave CerealProduct Being Sold: CerealTarget Audience: Teenagers having the munchiesWhat perception are they trying to make reality?They are trying to make it seem ...view middle of the document...

4th Commercial: Black People Meet.comProduct Being Sold: Online Dating ServiceTarget Audience: Black Men & Women in Mid 20's and upWhat perception are they trying to make reality?They are trying to make it seem like all African Americans can go to this website and find loveFood Network: Chopped1st Commercial: SnickersProduct Being Sold: SnickersTarget Audience: Mothers with children who plan to go trick or treating for HalloweenWhat perception are they trying to make reality?They are trying to make it seem like Kids have to have snicker as candy for Halloween2nd Commercial: Olive GardenProduct Being Sold: Meals at Olive GardenTarget Audience: Parents, Grandparents who like PastaWhat perception are They Trying to make reality?They are trying to make it seem like there pasta is the best pasta3rd Commercial: Lens craftersProduct being Sold: GlassesTarget Audience: Older Men & Women who need glassesWhat perception are they trying to make reality?They are trying to make it seem like they carry the best glasses for the best price.

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