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Paragraph One
Schools have been a place that has the most impact on almost every one of us just after our family. The time we stay in school is not the only time that we spend to learn new subjects and expand our knowledge, but also to form our characters, to acquire various attitudes and to discover basic principles of life. The basic traits of our personality are formed during our school days, especially in our classroom. Now, close your eyes for a second and imagine a perfect classroom. We would want to feel comfortable when speaking, walking in, sitting down and not being afraid of where we are. My perfect classroom environment would be a place where students who come from any ethnicity, race, gender, learning ability, financial situations, social status, etc. can learn successfully.
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If I were to come into this ideal classroom, the furniture would be arranged in U-shaped. Professors will have an overview of students. The students also can talk to each other about the materials, exchange ideas and make connections with everyone. The classroom should have a lot of windows because it would be able to provide natural sunlight. Often times we would see leaves falling down from trees in the campus and the squirrels run around to find food and play with each other, that image gives me a peaceful feeling. I would love the classroom to have soundproofed because we do not want interruption during the lectures.
I like all the colors, and I am always attracted to them, so it would be nice to have flowers around the campus especially in front of my perfect classroom. I think flowers’ scent can help me feel better when I am stressed or worried about exams. The classroom’s walls would be filled with motivational posters and quotes that serve as inspiration rather than a distraction or “escape” during a lecture. I will be able to look at one of the quotes or mottoes and say, “I can do this.” Another plus would be Wi-Fi system. I remember when I was trying to log into Canvas the other day, the school’s Wi-Fi was shut down suddenly while I was attempting to submit my quiz. Therefore, Wi-Fi system is also a huge concern. It would be a mistake if the air conditioning and heating system are not mentioned. On a hot summer day, if you were in a classroom with about a hundred people and the classroom does not have an air conditioner, it would not be a pleasant experience for any student. Similarly, in winter, when the weather is cold, and your teeth keep grinding together, how can you concentrate on listening to what the professor says without heating system?
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Students should take responsibility for their behaviors and actions, follow instructions, should not sleep in classroom and respect everyone around them by not making noises or creating distractions. You can do anything you want, but you should be mindful and be respectful in class. One thing we must mention is racism in a diverse country such as America. Although it may be not so obvious, deep down inside each person, we always feel something wrong when the other person does not like us for no reasons. We have no rights to judge anyone. Everyone is equal. Instead, we should be friendly and open-hearted to everyone, help them when they are in need especially during exam period. In some subjects, I prefer to work individually because I can think to myself and clear my thoughts out on my own. However, in other subjects, I would like to work as groups because I find it to be helpful to hear other ideas and opinions that can broaden my own perspectives. Another thing is to be on time for classes. Professors can do it, so can you. It would be disrespectful to come late
because it can interrupt everyone’s learning. Furthermore, when you come into a workplace in the future, you cannot come late every day. Therefore, class time is an “exercise” for you in the future.
Professors would be one of the most vital aspects of my ideal classroom environment. He or she would be friendly and easy to talk to, not speak too fast, their voice’s volume is enough to listen to. Professors should be initiative and know what they are doing and saying in the classroom. He or she should be knowledgeable about the subject that they teach, not just read straight from the power point or a piece of paper but also explain thoroughly bullet points posted and ideas. They should try to help students, be patient with students when they get stuck in areas that they do not understand. Examples and real-life stories that are relatable which are provided by professors can help students understand the subject easier. I think this would help me engage and succeed in comprehending knowledge because my memory will be able to retain the information longer. It will be an advantage nowadays if professors know how to use technology in their lectures. A very sociable and congenial teacher would be nice because I would not be afraid to ask questions, make a mistake and not feel intimidated. To me, I like a fashionable professor because it makes me want to focus on the board.
After all, the environment is merely an extra helping hand. Whether you are at school you enjoy greatly or not, education is education. Success or not it depends on you.


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