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An xQuizyt Affair

A. Executive Summary

A1. Company Identification
An xQuizyt Affair is an upscale event venue located in Houston, TX. An xQuizyt
Affair offers access to not only a beautiful event space but also the hard goods that
come along with having an event such as tables, chairs, and decor items. An
xQuizyt Affair aims to add the element of one-stop shopping to event planning.
This business plan outlines the growth and sales goals of the first year of business in
addition to showing the costs associated with being in business and the
methodology intended to be used to reach set goals.

A2. Mission of the Company
It is the mission of An xQuizyt Affair to rank among the best event venues in the
Houston, TX area by providing a level of service that is unsurpassed. It is our goal
to ensure the one-stop shopping experience that is promised is met and the stress of
event planning be made lighter by having chosen our space for the client's next

A3. Business Goals
The goals of An xQuizyt Affair are to have a 95% customer satisfaction score and to
raise at least $1 million dollars by the end of the first year. The company feels as
though satisfied customers will be the vehicle through which we will meet our
financial goal as customer satisfaction leads to word of mouth and free advertising.

A4. Keys to Success
An xQuizyt Affair believes that the following elements will be the key to successfully
reaching our set goals in the short and long term:

Customer Focused: It is imperative in the event industry that the client or
customer be the primary focus of the business. In order to facilitate the
expected growth, it is necessary to focus on making each client feel like they
are the only client. We specialize in tailoring each event to the client. We
strive to alleviate the stress and headache associated with planning an event,
whether large or small. Our goal is to give our best and maintain the highest
level of excellence in all that we endeavor to create.

Employee Satisfaction: Without the employees, the company has no ground
upon which to stand. Therefore, it is essential to the owner that the
employees of An xQuizyt Affair love not only what they do, but where they
work. It is the belief of An xQuizyt Affair that if we invest in our employees
through continued education and training, having a true open door policy that
allows them the freedom to express themselves when needed, and a
competitive pay structure we can achieve satisfaction and appreciation from
our employees.

As we strive to maintain the highest level of excellence in service, we must
also remain competitive in the market in which we reside. It is our goal to
provide a service and the best quality items at the best possible prices. We
believe that we have created a price structure that will keep us both
competitive and profitable in the end. If we continue to market ourselves at
the highest level with ...

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