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Persepolis, a graphic novel written Marjane Satrapi is an autobiography written from the perspective of a 10-year-old Marjane. The story takes place in Iran during the Islamic Revolution in the 1980's. The book uses a wide range of stylistic features to portray different themes throughout the novel. Juxtapositions and flashbacks are two of the more dominantly used stylistic features used in order to portray themes such as religion, historical context and validation, and social classes.
Juxtapositions are literary techniques that enable the author to put either two or more ideas, places, characters or even character's actions side by side to develop a comparison or contrast. Satrapi does this throughout the novel Persepolis as eastern and western ideas are juxtaposed. Satrapi captures the theme of religion throughout the novel through the use of juxtapositions. One of the most dominant examples comes in the panel with a caption expressing Marjane's confusion about the veil "Deep down I was very religious but as a family we were very modern and avant-garde". The image of young Marjane's face is divided down the middle by a line, it shows the new and old, the eastern and western, the advancement and religion and of course, veil or no veil. Marjane, in the middle of all this, with a lost expression on her face representing all of the confusion and different directions she has to choose from, particularly her own deep religion or the ideal westernised culture of her family. Another example of juxtaposition and its effectiveness comes in the panel where Marjane explains to her grandmother the rules she made up for her holy book. Marjane's belief that she is the last prophet and the holy book itself are examples of the eastern influence in her life. However, Marjane is a female prophet and the rules she makes in her holy book bring out the western influence of her family, for example, one of the rules is "everybody should have a car". Being somewhat wealthy, Marjane's family owns a Cadillac and they also have a maid. Mehri, the family's maid, is often portrayed as a sister like figure towards Marjane. The juxtaposition here is that once again Marjane is influenced by western lifestyle, particularly modern western lifestyle as the family owns an American car and they also have a maid at their disposal. Satrapi shows Marjane in her western denim jacket and her eastern head scarf. Although the big picture here in this panel is that Marjane is walking along the street with a thought bubble containing "We're the kids in America whoa" playing in her head. In the same panel the women's branch of the guardian revolution were in the background in a van behind her. This is just another strong and cleverly weaved example of juxtaposition made by Satrapi, putting both the ideas and themes...

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