Persistance Is The Key To Success Engish Essay

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My response:
Every university student looks forward to their graduation day. It’s the goal, where all your caffeine-fuelled study sessions have finally paid off because you made it. In my final year of pharmacy, the last semester results were released and I passed. I had finally made it. Not only did I make it, I was offered an internship in a hospital. To pharmacy graduates, this was the dream. I always imagined I would be proud of myself in that moment and that I would be excited for the start of my career. 
That wasn’t the case. 
I remember going on ward rounds with my supervisor, but I always felt with pharmacy that something was missing. On ward rounds, I often found myself watching the Doctors and revered them for the knowledge they had. The moment I realised what was missing was when a “CODE BLUE” (medical emergency) was called, I watched the medical team run to the scene and saw how the pharmacist fell into the background. That was it for me, I wanted to be a doctor. 
To be a doctor was all I would think about, it’s all I could think about. I just didn’t know how I could get there. I knew the GAMSAT was the first step, but how could I study for something while working full-time. In my mind, it was impossible and pharmacy was just a means to an end. As time went on, I watched at least 6 pharmacists I knew go on to study medicine. I couldn’t believe it, they had stolen my dream. Every time I would hear of someone new getting into medicine I would just think to myself “How is this happening?” “They don’t deserve it” So, what happens when you sit, contemplate and watch others live the life you wished for? You guessed it, I became bitter and miserable. 
In my bitterness, I decided I was going to study for the GAMSAT. My plan of attack; 
1. Watch YouTube videos on how to study for the GAMSAT, to get me in the study mood....



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