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Personal Culture 1
Kendal Leak
Reviewing Writing
October 9, 2018
Professor Teasley
Personal Culture
As I take a look at who I am as an individual, I have to really examine where I am from and who has helped to cultivate the individual that I have become. Being the oldest son of two children in my family, I have had some ups and downs in my young twenty-three years of life. The ups can be characterized by the extreme happiness that I love to share with others of just being alive on a daily basis. The lows, they have provided me with the opportunity to grow out of the fear that we all go through in life. According to LaBier (2013), “Why Your Fears Shape So Much of Your Life”, fear provides a chance for all of us to cultivate our lives into who we become as an individual. “That fear plays a much broader but overlooked role that in many facets of people's lives – including career dilemmas, conflicts around personal values, and problems in intimate relationships. Many fears are subtly conditioned by society's norms and family pressures.” A lot of the fears that I dealt with growing up have molded me and allowed me to learn from those experiences as younger child. Between my family, comic books, and my desire to help others, have molded me into the person I am today.
Another fear that I had was hoping that can continue to enjoy life away from home. Growing up in a tight knit family who loves God, loves to laugh, listen to music, and watch sports, I continue to enjoy these things even though I am away from my family. These things have always been at the center of my family and provide us with a culture of love with one another. Culturally, my family back home, and even those far away, whenever we are amongst one another, these are the core values that always comes to the forefront of who we are as a family. This is the culture of who I am from those characteristics that were installed in my as a child. According to Chuang, this is part of the growth as an individual. “Every child is unique in interacting with the world around them, and what they invoke and receive from others and the environment also shapes how they think and behave. Children growing up in different cultures receive specific inputs from their environment.” The interaction from my family has been the most major influence of who I have become thus far in my life.
While attending elementary school, I had hid the fact that I did not like to read. The fear of making mistakes while reading aloud in my classes or clearly not being able to fully comprehend what I read was a true fear of mine. Not being a strong reader was my greatest fear...


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