Personal Essay On Bipolar Disease - Science Impact On Life - Essay

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Nicholas Chanthalangsy
The Lung Cancer Disease
Mr. Harvey and Ms. Walton
Woodmont K-8
26454 16th Avenue South Des Moines, WA 98198
Western Washington
Biomedical research has impacted my life. Lung Cancer can be treated, but can ultimately not
Not disappear. Lung cancer is commonly caused by smoking, and has symptoms such as cough-
Ing up blood, a new cough that will not go away and Chronic cough or “Smokers Cough”
Lung Cancer is treated by Chemotherapy, Radiation Therapy and can be surgically removed.
Chemotherapy for cancer developed in the 1940’s. It was when the first Nitrogen Mustards and
Folic acid antagonist drugs were used. Chemotherapy attempts to narrow the universe of
Chemicals that affect the disease.
To start with, there are many drugs included in Chemotherapy. The drugs get grouped into 4
Groups or more. There’s Alkylating Agents, Microtuble Inhibitors, Cytotoxic Antibiotics and
Anti Metobolites. Alkylating Agents damage DNA so cancer cells cannot grow back. The drugs
have to be tested by a screening process until the NCI and other Organizations say it’s okay.
When the screening process is done, they will begin doing animal testing and human trials.
Lung Cancer has taken many lives. It’s an estimated 250,000+ lives taken by Lung Cancer. It’s
Affected my life also. A really old child hood friend who goes by the name calvin, His dad had
Lung Cancer do to a smoking habit. He did chemotherapy and radiat...

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