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I couldn’t hear anything. The class was blaring from every angle, 55 kids ran riot and no one was paying attention to the teacher. Due to my tallness, I was forced to sit in the back, because when I sat in front, my peers made fun of me by crying out hurtful words like mop, giraffe and hose. Yes, I was bullied, but come on who wasn’t?
My teachers never asked me for homework, because they simply couldn’t care less. They often complained about their salaries, about the quantity of children per class and on numerous occasions, were comparing the communist time with the current one. They filled in our heads with the ideas of communism being the best thing that ever happened to us.
Nowadays, a lot of students go to school with no clear aim or motive, they are not driven and present in a moment, because they are forced to learn things that do not interest them. They study for the sake of passing the exam, and unfortunately 5 mines after the exam the information just evaporates from their heads. At the present time, students do not possess big dreams, they claim to be ‘realistic’, so they do not plan their future, they go with a flow.
‘Children must be taught how to think, not what to think’- Margaret Mead
I have a dream and I want to build it, I understand that if I don’t, someone else would hire me to help build theirs. I want to open a chain of schools in my country and if...

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