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Personal Identity, Piece Of Diary Essay

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Dear DiaryToday in class we had a brief discussion of what personal identity is. I didn't get a chance to speak out my thoughts and opinions so I felt like to share it with you.Personal identity is what I see myself as, positively or negatively.It could be argued but most people think they are at what called the 'Good' side even though he is a brutal killer. Word from a retired warden. Over 80% of the prisoners ready to be ...view middle of the document...

This is the combination, result of many factors. Like the majority of our physical appearances is already destined since the moment of our conception, of course, there are also other factors such as nutrition and environment.Everyone's personal identity should be changing everyday, every moment by the building up of their intelligence and experiences. In the earlier stage, our personal identity is solely from our parents. This includes: heredity, culture background and the environment. As you grow older, fewer influences will come from your parents but more from your friends, peers and teacher. Due to the fact most people want a place to belong to (not necessary be a location), and want to have friends, we'll sometimes alter our decision and benefits to just fit into a group.When getting into the middle age, the biggest influences will probably come from your work, religion and friends still. As you can see friend plays a very big part in everyone's life.Personal identity plays a major part in my quest for self-knowledge, but its up to me to choose my own identity.God created all men equally, but it is up to us to determine whom we ultimately want to be.

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